The Directory and Napoleon

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  • Coup D'etat of 1799

    Coup D'etat of 1799
    Also known as "18 Brumaire"; overthrew French Directory and brought Napoleon to power; Military had gained political power by sacrificing civillian governments; Plotters convince the directors to meet in another location (St. Cloud); 3 directors resign and 2 are arrested once there= Napoleon presents himself as the nation's savior
  • Concordat of 1801

    Concordat of 1801
    signed by Napoleon I and Pope Pius VII; Napoleon declares Catholicism majority religion of France; Church accepts loss of lands; religious freedom maintained; Pope can approve bishops from the government and government can approve priests from the bishops
  • Napoleonic Code

    Napoleonic Code
    Napoleonic Code is a set of law written by Napoleon I. It was established in France in 1804 during the French Revolution. The code included laws concerning marriage, rights of father, divorce and child inheritance, and human rights for all.
  • Battle of Austerlitz

    Battle of Austerlitz
    The Battle of Austerlitz is also known as "The Battle of the Three Emperors." It took place in the winter of 1805 in the west of Austerlitz, Moravia. It is between the French emperor Nepoleon I, the Austrian emperor Francis II, and the Russian Czar AlexanderI. The Austrian sand the Russians attempted to contain France. Emperors Nepoleon I won the war.
  • Invasion of Russia

    Invasion of Russia
    Who: France & Russia
    Where: Russia
    What: Napoleon forced his own troops and troops of French allies to attack Russia. Napoleon occupied Moscow but then abandoned it and attempted to occupy Smolensk. The severe Russian winter and the Cossacks destroyed Napoleon's men. This defeat began the downfall of him and his empire.
    Why: Napoleon was angry because Russia was a former ally of France, and the czar started leaning towards Britain.
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Battle of Waterloo
    Who: French army and Anglo-Allied Army/Prussian Army
    What: Final defeat of Napoleon and the French army
    Where: Waterloo, Belgium
    Why: The French had been fighting the Anglo-Allied Army and Prussian Army for 100 days when they were finally defeated in the Battle of Waterloo.
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    French Directory

    5th government of French Revolution; 5 directors govern France; France is now ruled by the middle class; it's fashionable to display money and health again; temporary control of legislature, with most replaced in July 1799; overthrown by Napoleon's coup d'etat in 1799
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    First Consul of the Consulate

    In November of 1799, Napoleon became the first consul of France. The position of a consul is relative to a dictator. The first consil drafted new laws. Napoleon confirmed that estates, privileges, and local liberties be abolished. He also confirmed careers to be open to talent. Napoleon completed the educational and legal reforms.
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    Continental System

    Who: Napoleon
    What: A system of tariffs and embargoes against Britain
    Where: Britain
    Why: To subvert the British Empire
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    Peninsular War

    Who: Portuguese/Spanish, French, British
    Where: Portugal/Spain
    What: Napoleon sent troops under Gen. Jean-Andoche Junot to attack Portugal. Britain stepped in and helped free Spain from France.
    Why: Spain's nationalism was growing and Portugal did not accept Napoleon's Continental System.
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    Battle of Leipzig

    Who: French army fighting against Austrian, Prussian, Russian, and Swedish armies
    What: The Austrian allies fought against the French for 3 days with the help of Austria's allies. Allied forces won the battle.
    Where: Leipzig, Prussia
    Why: The French had won the two previous battles that they had against the Austrians. This battle made many of Napoleon's previous allies go against him, and eventually led to the downfall of the French empire the following year.
  • Period: to

    The Hundred Days Campaign

    Who: Napoleon and the French
    What: Napoleon's last attempt to take back France after Louis XVIII took reign. Napoleon gathered his army in France to fight against the Angle-Allied Army and the Prussian Army. Napoleon lost this attempt to defeat the countries whom he was against.
    Where: France
    Why: Napoleon was trying to take back the power in France so that he could rule once again after his exile to Elba. He was exiled to St. Helena after the French people kicked him out after his defeat.