The Diary of a Young Girl_Vaibhav Dara

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  • Margot receives a call-up.

    Margot receives a call-up.
    Summary: When Margot receives a call-up, the whole family is thrusted in turmoil. They need to pack up their belongings, wear as many layers as possible, and leave the house to go into hiding.
    Character Development (Negative): Anne becomes very scared when she discovers that her parents have been planning to go into hiding for a while now and that everything is happening so suddenly.
    Theme Relation: Anne had to try to stay calm and positive so that Margot wouldn't worry about their predicament.
  • Mr. Dussel moves into the Annex.

    Mr. Dussel moves into the Annex.
    Summary: Dussel moves into the Annex and is shocked by the ingenuity of the plan.
    Turning Point: This is a turning point because Anne will have to constantly deal with a selfish man for the next two years.
    Theme Relation: Although Anne has to share a room with Mr. Dussel and doesn't approve of these arrangements, she never once complains. She remains positive no matter how bad her living conditions get. This allows her to stomach this unsatisfactory situation.
  • Anne chooses to be happy even though everyone is treating her horribly.

    Anne chooses to be happy even though everyone is treating her horribly.
    Summary: Anne is furious at everyone in the Annex because of how badly they treat her, from her mom to Mr. Van Daan. In spite of all this, she attempts to please everybody and not let her anger show.
    Character Development (Negative): The way the residents of the Annex treat her make her feel unwanted and useless.
    Theme Relation: Anne stays laughing and smiling even though she's enraged at everyone. This makes her situation a little bit more tolerable.
  • Anne's first kiss

    Anne's first kiss
    Summary: Peter kisses Anne after they go to his room.
    Character Development (Positive): This event leads Anne to be more happy than she's ever been in the Annex. It also gives her a sense of self-worth that she had been gradually losing.
    Theme Relation: Anne starts to look at everything through a positive light.
  • Anne considers taking her own life.

    Anne considers taking her own life.
    Summary: Anne is extremely miserable for a variety of reasons, such as bad food and the delay of the invasion. She longs for it all to be over using the release of death.
    Character Development (Negative): This is the worst Anne has felt in the Annex and the lowest action she's ever considered. She's lost all sense of self-worth at this point.
    Theme Relation: Anne puts on her brave face when she meets with the other residents of the Annex, and when she does, she remembers how much she loves life.
  • Theme Statement

    Putting on a mask of positivity or viewing a situation through a positive light can often make a situation more bearable.