The Creation Of The Internet

By SW1646
  • Proposal for a Galactic Network

    Joseph Licklider proposed a Galactic Network to ARPA
  • Computer Research Depatment

    In 1962, ARPA created a computer research depatment called the Information Processing Technologies Office
  • computer network transmiting

    In 1966 IPTO began developing a computer network over telephone line
  • First computer processor

    In 1969 Leonard Kleinrock installed the first computer processor.
  • electronic mail

    In 1972 a computer program that enabled people on different computers to send messages to eachother was the beginning of electronic mail
  • Developing the Internet

    in the 1980s researchers at BBN and Standford designed a way to link all the networks to one another. They created a network of networks-an Internetwork, or internet
  • Invention of the World Wide Web

    In, 1990, Tim Berners-Lee, a Brititish computer programer at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Geneva, Switzerland, invented the World WIde Web
  • Html

    In 1990 Berne Lee also created the Html to control the way that documents appear and behave on the computer screen
  • Creation of search engines

    Computer researchers in 1991 creating special programs to search for and locate infromation they made the first search engine Gopher
  • Creation of Google and AltaVista

    WAIS paved the way for the popular "search engines" such as google and AltaVIsta, that were developed in the 1990s
  • Websites

    Berners_lee's web program, which was t freely available and installed it on their computers by later 1992 the program had been used to creat 50 sites on the World Wide Web
  • Internet Explorer

    In 1995, The microsoft corporation in Redmond, Washington released its own web browser called internet explorer. Microsoft and Netscape entered in a war for most popular browser.
  • Computer language

    A new computer language called Extensive Markup language made it possible for web pages to be viewed easily on such devices such as phones and handheld computers enabling people to acess the web anywhere on Earth.
  • Global Village

    Wireless devices such as phones and laptops were speeding the transformation of the world into an Internet Connection global village
  • Internet

    The Internet was one of the greatest advances of the decade making people conect to people around the world in seconds we do not notice it today but The internet revolutionized technology