The Creation of Israel

  • Mass Migration of Jews to the Holy Land

    1881 was when the first migration of Jews to the land of Israel occured. These people came from Russia and Yemen and the Jewish population there grew to 24,000.
  • First Zionist Congress

    The First Zionest Congress met in Basle. Jewsih decided that they wanted a national homeland.
  • United Nations Vote to Divide Palestine

    The United Nations met and voted to split Palestine into Arab and Jewish controlled parts. The Jews accepted the plan, but the Arabs rejected it.
  • Israeli Independence

    The head of the Jewish Embassy, David Ben-Garrison creates the state of Israel. President Truman recognized the state of Israel on this day as well.
  • How did the past help define or influence the region of Southwest Asia?

    The past is what has defined the region of Southwest Asia. There have been many events that have influenced what we now percieve Southwest Asia to be and the way we think of it. One of these events is the Creation of Israel.
    The creation of Israel has always been an area of great controversy. With this comes a large amount of conflict. This contributes to the way other places see the region. Overall, the past has defined the region of Southwest Asia.