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The Cold War to Civil Rights by Adam Moore

  • VJ Day (US)

    VJ Day (US)
    VJ Day (Victory over Japn Day) recognized the day that the official surrender document of Japan was signed. This officially ended World War II. VJ Day is celebrated on August 15 in Great Britain beacuse that was the day of unconditional surrender from Japan.
  • Truman Doctrine

    The Truman Doctrine was an international policy that the United States would provide military and economic aid to Greece and Turkey to keep them from falling into Soviet hands. This started the policy of containment, which dealt with the halting of Soviet expansion beyond it's presnt borders. Truman Doctrine speech text
  • The Marshall Plan

    The Marshall Plan
    The Marshall Plan was the United States plan to aid in the rebuilding of European countries after the end of World War II. The plan was named after US Secreary of State Geroge Marshall. The goal of the plan was to provide money and resources to war-torn areas in hope to stop the spread of communism.
  • The Berlin Airlift

    The Berlin Airlift
    The Berlin Airlift was the response to the Berlin Blockade of Western Berlin by the Soviet Union. During the blockade, the Soviets cut off the railways, roads, and canals that gave access into the city so they could be the sole provider and gain control over the city. Throughout the year, the allies flew over 200,000 flights and dropped 4700 tons of supplies to the people of Berlin.
  • NATO is Formed

    NATO is Formed
    NATO articleNATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is a multi-government organization in which each of the members promises to protect each other in the event of an attack from an outside nation. During the Col War, the organization had a rivalry with the Warsaw Pact.
  • First Soviet Atomic Bomb

    First Soviet Atomic Bomb
    The first atomic bomb that Soviets detonated on August 29, 1949 was very close to the United State's "Fat Man" bomb, which was dropped on Hiroshima to help end World War II. The success of the bomb was sometimes attributed to the Atomic Spy Ring in the Soviet Union. Soviet a-bomb test video
  • The People's Republic of China is formed

    The People's Republic of China is formed
    After a near defeat by the Communist Party of China, Mao Zedong announced the formationof the People's Republic of China from above Tiananmen Square. Mao Zedong would usher in a cultural revolution through the Five Year Plan and the Great Leap Forward. Cultural Revolution article
  • McCarthyism

    U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy led a movement to find Communists in the United States. He released a list of 205 believed communists who worked for the state department. He also released "black lists," where many film producers, directors, and other members of Hollywood were accused of being communists and had their careers ruined. Joseph McCarthy video
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    Korean War

  • Battle for the Pusan Perimeter

    Battle for the Pusan Perimeter
    The Battle for the Pusan Perimeter marked the farthest advance made by North Korean troops into South Korea. The battle was against the United Nations forces and North Korean forces and was one of the first major battles of the Korean War.
  • Joseph Stalin dies

    Joseph Stalin dies
    Joseph Stalin died of Cerebral hemmorhage. He was replaced by Nikita Khrushchev as the General Secretary of the Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin death newspaper article
  • Brown .vs. Board of Education Case

    Brown .vs. Board of Education Case
    Brown .vs. Board of Education was a landmark US Supreme Court case that took place on May 7, 1954. The plaintiffs arqued that the "seperate but equal" educations for blacks and whites was not so. The court unanimously ruled (9-0) with the plaintiffs and stated that the facilities were in fact unqeual. This case paved the way for later intergration laws and cases. Brown .vs. Board of Education article
  • The Warsaw Pact is Formed

    The Warsaw Pact is Formed
    The Warsaw Pact was an agreement between eight communists governments during the Cold War. It was constructed by the Soviet Union and signed in Warsaw, Poland on May 14, 1955. It was a response to the formation of NATO in 1949, which the Soviet Union was not granted membership into.
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    The Space Race

  • Rosa Parks refuses to give up seat

    Rosa Parks refuses to give up seat
    On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks was sitting in the frontmost row that was allowed for blacks when a white man got on the bus and needed a seat. The people sitting in her row were told to move back a row, but Rosa did not move. She was arrested and fined $10 for her refusal to give up her seat. This started the Montgomery Bus Boycott where African Americans boycotted for a little over a year the racial segregation on the bus system of Montgomery, Alabama. <a href='
  • Sputnik I

    Sputnik I
    Sputnik I was a satellite launched by the Soviet Union. It was Earth's first artificial satellite to be launched into orbit. It allowed the Soviets to receive and broadcast radio pulses from space.
  • NASA

    NASA (National Aeronautics and Sapce Administration) is a government agency that is responsible for the nation's space program and aerospace/aeronautical research. This agency helped the United States lead the way in the Space Race. NASA website
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    The Civil Rights Movement

    [Civil Rights Movement article/video/pictures](http:///
  • U-2 shot down

    U-2 shot down
    An American U-2 was shot down over Soviet airspace. The pilot, Gary Rivers, survived the crashed, but he was captured and admitted to spying. This incident deteriorated the relationship between the Soviet Union and the United States. U-2 Incident Article
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    John F. Kennedy's Presidency

  • The Bay of Pigs Invasion

    The Bay of Pigs Invasion
    Bay of Pigs Invasion videoThe Bay of Pigs Invasion was a failed invasion of Cuba by the CIA led 2506 brigade. The purpose of the invasion was to overthrow Fidel Castro and his government. The invasion was launched out of Guatemala but wass quickly defeated withing three days.
  • Construction of the Berlin Wall Begins

    Construction of the Berlin Wall Begins
    The Berlin Wall was constructed by East germany to stop the flow of migrants from east Germany into West Germany. It ran for 96 miles along the two borders and lined with guard towers to shoot any citizens that were trying to escape through it. The wall was eventually destroyed in 1990, which to some symbolizes the fall of Communism. Berlin Wall construction video
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    The Cuban Missle Crisis was a state of tension between the US and the Soviet Union. It started on October 16 when an American U-2 spy plane captured photos of Soviet nuclear missles on the island of Cuba. The US then proceeded to blockade the island and eventually an agreement was eventually reached.
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    Cuban Missle Crisis

    [Cuban Missle Crisis Timeline](http:/
  • JFK Assassination

    JFK Assassination
    On November 22, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was visiting Dalls, Texas. He was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald at 12:30 p.m. from the Texas Schholbook Depository. Oswald was later arrested, but he was killed before he could be put on trial. Zapruder film of JFK assassination
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    Vietnam War

  • The Tet Offensive

    The Tet Offensive
    The Tet Offensive was a series of cordinated attacks by the Viet Cong on more than 100 cities in South Vietnam. The attack commenced on January 30, 1968 during the Lunar holiday of "Tet". The North Vietnamese government had announced a cease-fire for the day but turned on the deal and attacked while everyone was busy celebrating. Public support for the war soon diminshed after the attack. The Tet Offensive article/video
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination

    Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination
    Martin Luther King Jr. was an American pastor, humanitarian, and leader in the African American Civil Rights movement. He was assassiated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee by James Earl Ray. The assassination led to race riots in many large cities across the country. Martin Luther King Jr. assassination article
  • Robert kennedy Assassination

    Robert kennedy Assassination
    Robert kennedy served as U.S. Attorney General from 1961-64. He was appointed to the position when his bother, John F. Kennedy, was elected president. While on a presidential campaign tour in Los Angeles, CA. He was shot by Sirhan Sirhan at 12:10 a.m. on June 5 and was promounced dead at 1:44 a.m. on June 6. Robert Kennedy assassination newspaper article
  • Apollo 11 Moon Landing

    Apollo 11 Moon Landing
    The Apollo 11 mission was the first sapce mission to land humans on the Moon. American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the frist two humans to step foot on the monn. Upon Armstonrg's touch of the surface he said the famous phrase," That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." They also completed the first moonwalks and collected around 48 lbs of moon rocks. First Lunar Landing Audio
  • SALT Talks

    SALT Talks
    The SALT talks (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) were a series of two talks and treaties between the United States and the Soviet Union regarding the issue of armament control. These started in November 1969 and lasted through 1986 when the United States withdrew from the talks. These talks led to SALT I treaty, SALT II treaty, START treaty, and various other treaties regarding nuclear arms.