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The Cold War

  • The Russian Revolution

    The Russian Revolution
    The revolution and end of the Monarchy and the development of the U.S.S.R aka the Soviet Union
  • Soviet bomb test

    Soviet bomb test
    Soviet tests to make a Atomic bomb throughout the second world war
  • The Potsdam Conference

    The Potsdam Conference
    The Decision making of how to handle the lands and surrenders of the Axis, including those taken by the Axis.
  • Atomic bomb - Hiroshima/Nagasaki

    Atomic bomb - Hiroshima/Nagasaki
    The Nukes that America sent on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the reasons were to make Japan surrender as fast as possible
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    The supply of East Berlin, which also would act as bait to have the Soviets attack an unarmed humanitarian vehicle
  • Molotov Plan

    Molotov Plan
    system to rebuild countries aligned to U.S.S.R, known as a Soviet version of the Marshall plan
  • Hollywood 10

    Hollywood 10
    Ten people who were contempt and blacklisted after refusing to answer question about communist relations
  • Long Telegram

    Long Telegram
    A review of how the Soviets saw the world from George N Kennen
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    American Foreign policy to counter U.S.S.R of Geopolitical expansion
  • Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan
    Plan to help rebuild Western countries post WWII
  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Blockade
    the multinational occupation of Germany, causing a blocking of Western Allied railroads
  • NATO

    intergovernmental alliance post WWII, now includes US
  • Army-McCarthy hearings

    Army-McCarthy hearings
    McCarthy used the Red scare as a way to gain political power using scare tactics such as his list of 205 communists working in the state department
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    The war between a (Soviet and Chinese supported) North v.s a ( U.N supported) South of the nation Korea, this caused the nations to be divided, making North and South Korea their each separate nation
  • Alger Hiss case

    Alger Hiss case
    The Case Accusing Alger Hiss (a Government official) of being a Soviet Spy, after a second trial he was found guilty
  • Rosenburg trial

    Rosenburg trial
    The trial accusing two Citizens ( Julius and Ethel Rosenberg) of being Soviet spies, to provide the U.S.S.R with information on nuclear devices. They were found guilty and were executed
  • Battle of Dien Bien Phu

    Battle of Dien Bien Phu
    The Beginning of The French-Indochina war with the French v.s the Viet minh Comunist Revolutionaries
  • Geneva Conference

    Geneva Conference
    A conference to settle several issues with the Indochinese area primarily about Vietnam
  • Hungarian Revolution

    Hungarian Revolution
    A nation wide revolution against the U.S.S.R Policies on Hungary
  • Iron Curtain

    Iron Curtain
    The Non-Existent Wall that borders Democratic countries and Communist countries
  • U2 Incident

    U2 Incident
    A U-2 spy plane was shot down by Soviet forces while taking photographs
  • Bay of Pigs invasion

    Bay of Pigs invasion
    The failed attempt to have U.S aided Cubans try to revolt against Fidel Castros revolution
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    After the U.S put Missiles in Turkey that were pointed at the U.S.S.R, the Soviets started to put some in Cuba pointed at the U.S
  • Assassination of JFK

    Assassination of JFK
    The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, done by a man called Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Assassination of Diem

    Assassination of Diem
    The Assassination of Ngô Đình Diệm ( the President of South Vietnam) led by Dương Văn Minh
  • Tonkin Gulf Resolution

    Tonkin Gulf Resolution
    A joint resolution from U.S Congress, it allowed the president to use Military force in Asia without a declaration of war, to "assist"
  • Operation Rolling Thunder

    Operation Rolling Thunder
    The bombardment from the U.S to the Vietnamese during the Vietnam war
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    The uprising of Tet Mau, many surprise attacks against Military and Civilian Centers
  • Assassination of MLK

    Assassination of MLK
    the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, done by James Earl Ray
  • Assassination of RFK

    Assassination of RFK
    The assassination of JFKs brother Robert Francis Kennedy, he was a presidential candidate, and was killed by Sirhan Sirhan
  • Invasion of Czechoslovakia

    Invasion of Czechoslovakia
    A Joint Invasion of Czechoslovakia by 5 Warsaw pact countries
  • Riots of Democratic convention

    Riots of Democratic convention
    During the Anti-war Protests a man lowered to U.S flag, so the Cops just got through and beat him, responding people to chant things from "hell no, we won't go" to "pigs are whores".
  • Election of Nixon

    Election of Nixon
    Richard Nixon was elected he would go on to the point where he would resign from office as not to be impeached
  • Kent State

    Kent State
    A University that had an anti-war protest that ended up with an Ohio Army National Guard unit shooting them killing 4 and wounding 9
  • Nixon visits China

    Nixon visits China
    Nixon visited China to establish a new relationship
  • Ceasefire in Vietnam

    Ceasefire in Vietnam
    Nixon ordered a Ceasefire on the Bombings in Vietnam after his NSA adviser brought a Draft peace proposal, the ground combat continued
  • Fall of Saigon

    Fall of Saigon
    The Capture of Saigon ( the South Vietnamese Capital) by the Vietcong
  • Reagan elected

    Reagan elected
    Reagan was elected, he would go on to use Star Wars to end the U.S.S.R
  • SDI announced

    SDI announced
    The Anti Nuclear system that Reagan Proposed existed, commonly known as Star Wars
  • Geneva Conference with Gorbachev

    Geneva Conference with Gorbachev
    The meeting in between Gorbachev and Reagan, they meet to talk about international relations and the arms race
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    The Wall that divided the Western capitalist part of Berlin, And the Eastern Communist part of Berlin
  • ‘Tear down this wall’ speech

    ‘Tear down this wall’ speech
    Reagan went to Berlin and made a speech to tell Gorbachev to remove the Berlin wall
  • Fall of the Berlin Wall

    Fall of the Berlin Wall
    The sudden destruction of the Berlin wall, and the mark of the end of the Cold War