The Cold War

  • Germany divided

    Alliies split Germany into 4 zones ruled by the U.S. UK USSR and France.
  • Period: to

    cold war

  • UN created

    UN was started as an international orginization to prevent wars
  • US begins nuclear age

    The United States dropped two atom bombs on hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Cold War begins

    Stalin declares the "imcompatability" of communism and capitolism
  • Churchill Coins "Iron Curtain"

    Churchill used the term to describe the boundary seperating communists and capitolists
  • Truman Doctrine

    U.S. policy that gives aid to free nations
  • Marshall plan

    US agrees to help Europe rebuid
  • US has the moneez

    The US aproves the 12.5 billion dollar plan after czecholslovakia
  • New Currency

    Western allies begin circulation of a new currency in Germany
  • Berlin airlift

    US brings food and supplies to sustain a starving berlin
  • Spies

    US and USSR used spies to try to outmanuver each other
  • NATO formed

    US forms a defensive alliance with 10 western countries and canada
  • Blockade lifted

    USSR admits defeat
  • Russia's first big boom

    USSR tests their first Atomic bomb
  • first H bomb

    US developes the first Hydrogen utilizing bomb
  • USSR catches up

    Russia develops their first H bomb
  • West Germany in NATO

    West Germany admited into NATO, Soviets Scared of a strong Germany
  • Warsaw Pact

    The USSR starts their own alliance
  • ICBM

    Russia develops the first missle capable of reaching the US
  • Worlds first satallite

    The Russians launch Sputnik. The worlds first satallite
  • The next satallite

    The US launches their first satallite, the first that lasted for more than a month
  • US spy plane shot down

    powers spy plane was shot down trying to collect information and was imprisoned for two years
  • Berlin wall

    Soviets built the Berlin Wall to seperate East Berlin an West berlin