the civil rights act movments

  • the origins of the movement

    plessy v ferguson they had established the seperate but equal law doctrine. laws that segregated african americans were premitted as long as equal facilities were provided for them to use.
  • court challenges begin

    the naacp had supported court cases intended to overturn segregation over the years the naacp acheived some victories .
  • new political power

    many african americans benifeted from fdrs new deal programs and began supporting the democratic party this gave the party new strength in the north this wing of the party was now able to encounter southern democates who often supported segregation.
  • the push for desegregation

    the core attempted to to desgregate resraunts that refused to serve african americans.using sit in stradegy members of the core went to segregate restraunts if they were denied service they sat down and refused to leave. the strategy was to to shame restraunts.
  • brown v board of education

    supreme court decided to combine several cases and issue a general ruling on segregation in schools.linda brown was denied admission to her neighborhood school in topeka kansas becasue of her race. she was told to attend the an all black school across town.
  • the movement begins

    it all started when rosa parks left her job as a seamstress in montgomery alabama. she was told to get up one afternoon when a white person got on and told mrs. parks to get up well she didnt there fore caused a big deal and casued alot of controversey
  • southern resistance

    group of 101 southerners members of congress signed the southern southern manifesto which denouce the judical power and pleged to use all lawful MEANS to reserve the decision.
  • african american culture

    (sclc) set out to eliminate segregation from american society and to encourage african americans to registerto vote. Dr. king served as the sclc firsts president. he challenged segregation at voting booths and in public transportation housing and accommodations.
  • the rights

    four african americans walked intp a store and bought school supplies then sate for some coffe and was refused they said they would set there everyday until they was served wchich lead to sitins.
  • the bus attack

    the fisrt freedom ridersboarded several buses and went through birmingham montgomery when they arrived at each place they was attacked by angry white mobs.
  • campus attack

    james merideth tried to enroll at the university sdmissions office only to find the governor of mississippi stoping him. but president
    kennedy had federal marshalls to escort him and him campus.once on campus they was attaked by a white mob.
  • dr.king speech

    more then 200,000demonstrators of all races went to the national capital. this was when dr.king gave a very important speech outlining his dream of having freedom. which soon became know as i have a dream speech.
  • civil rights bill

    the new president johnson began to show leadership and produce results he got the civil rights bill passed.
  • the vote

    the sclc and dr. king selected selma alabama as the focal point for getting all races to vote. they compromissed only 3% of selemas population was registered to vote jim clark had his deputies armed and terroized african americasn.
  • troops

    hosea willams and snccs john lewis led 500 protectors toward the us huighway. sheriff clark diplloed them to disperse more then 200 state troopers and deputied citizens rushed the denonstrators.
  • house of represenatives

    the house of represenatives passed the voting rightd bill by a wide margin. voting rightd act of 1965 authorized the us attorney seneral to send federal eminers to register.