the chronological listing of an epically advanced child by the name of lakesha

  • The fourth child of Gloria and Alvin is born.

    I was born December 1, 1995 in Fort Defiance, Arizona.
  • First Steps

  • Cried and had a major temper tantrum while taking photographs.

  • First and Only family picture is taken.

  • Finally, I got to have JJ. (a teddy bear that was passed down from my sisters.)

  • Moved to Denver.

  • Played a Catapillar in a school play. I was great,

  • Went to Elitches with my family for the first time.

  • Had the greatest teacher anyone could ask for. Ms. Rhodes really changed my life.

    2nd grade was pretty excellent.
  • I met Larry, a person whom I will never forget.

  • Started playing sports and I realized I hated being a girl.

  • Continuated from 5th grade.

  • Started 6th grade and had a severe distaste for it.

    Not really sure on the date.
  • Had Mr. Mendoza for math and met all of my friends, Greatest class EVER!

    Not sure on the day school started.
  • Got my first facial piercing.

  • 8th grade continuation.

    8th grade continuation.
  • Homecoming with Anthony.

    Homecoming with Anthony.
  • Went to the Asking Alexandria concert with Daniel and Matt.