The California Gold Rush

By julwes
  • Diary Entry 1

    Dear Diary,
    Today while I was in the market buying fruit, and being nosy evesdroping on the everyday townfolk, I heard odd rumors and whisperings about westward exploration, and gold mining in the west. And can you believe it? Some guy named James Marshall started pulling up bukets of gold along with some servants who worked at that old run-down Sutter's Mill!
    Excitedly plotting, Marie Anderson
  • Period: to


  • Diary Entry 2

    Dear Diary, I write to you in distress, although I am of age to go off on my own my mother insists I must travel to Northern California with a male supervisor! So to sumarize that past few weeks for you; my family has come into wealth after my great-aunt, bless her soul, Margarette died leaving her fourtunes to us. This was both sad and great news, I have been planing ever since the rumors in the market to go off on my own and travel to California, and now, by the end of this month I can!
  • Diary Entry 4

    Dear Diary,
    Oh, the irony! You will not believe the occurences I am about to report! In the past months my parents have cut off my funds, my camp and servants ran off, abandoning me and my escort, and my horses got loose, leaving us a days walk from the Sutter Mill. We've traveled along Gila River Trail, things have been tough. Weather, hot and tough, and I've been near starving, my stomach an ampty pit.
    Need Food, Marie Anderson
  • Diary Entry 5

    Dear Diary,
    It may be Christ's Birthday, but things couldn't be worse. Although me and my faithful escort, whose name escapes me, have been settled for a while now...but we haven't found a speck of gold, no word from mother or father. Need new idead, can't go back now, what should I do?
    Desperate, Marie Anderson
  • Diary Entry 6

    Dear Diary,
    I am glad to report I have discovered a way to make profit, without striking gold. During the last year I have married Edwin, the escort who have stuck with me from the beginning, not only that but we have settled off the California Trail, near a small pond and town, and have begun my on saloon! Although I am now rich, and have a nice house with many good surrounding people, nothing pleases me more than the fact that I discover my family is coming to visit...
    Content, Marie Anderson
  • Last Diary Entry

    Dear Diary,
    My family has settled here, with me and Edwin, and against all odds my uncle Sam had discovered a gold mine! Gold is mined by the pound every day. More and more people are coming, but the flow of foreigners has decreased greatly since last winter, I fear it may become overflowed...I don't know what to think.
    Happy and improving, Marie Anderson
  • Diary Entry 3

    Dear Diary,
    My journey has started! My paperwork is all filed, I regret to inform you though that I will not be able to bring a lot of money along with me, so I will have to scrounge and rough it...I hope all will be well...
    Looking toward the future, Marie Anderson