The Black Dahlia

By gutiemi
  • Period: to

    Elizabeth and Matt Gordon

    Elizabeth's lifestyle of traveling around and seeing tons of men changes when she falls in love with Matt Gordon. They soon get engaged and plan to marry. Because Matt was in combat, Elizabeth was constantly worrying about him. The news of Matt's death soon reached Elizabeth and she was heartbroken.
  • Period: to

    Elizabeth travels around the lower coast

  • Elizabeth and Joeseph Fickling

    Elizabeth and Joeseph Fickling
    Elizabeth moves back to Southern California to be with Joseph Fickling. He soon leaves her though to move to North Carolina. Although they separated, they remained in contact. Elizabeth moved into a cramped apartment with eight other women.
  • Elizabeth and Robert

    Elizabeth and Robert
    Elizabeth was kicked out of where she was staying and Robert Manley came to get her. She stayed with him in a local motel.
  • Joeseph recieves a letter

    Joeseph recieves a letter
    Joseph Fickling recieved a letter from Elizabeth stating that she was going to move to Chicago to pursue modeling. She was last seen by Robert Manley when he dropped her off at a bus station, where she was going to travel to the Biltmore Hotel to meet her sister.
  • Elizabeth goes missing

    Elizabeth goes missing
    Elizabeth is last seen on this day.
  • Period: to

    Elizabeth is missing

  • Elizabeth's body is found

    Elizabeth's body is found
    Elizabeth's body was discovered by a mother and daughter in the empty lot on Norton Street in LA. Horrified, the mother ran to the nearest phone and called the police.
  • Reward offered

    Reward offered
    A reward was offered for Elizabeth's killer.
  • Killer send letter

    Killer send letter
    Elizabeth's killer sends the local newspaper a letter and the contents of Elizabeth's purse.
  • Purse and shoes found

    Purse and shoes found
    Elizabeth's purse and one of her shoes was found in a dumpster and was identified by Robert Manley.
  • Elizabeth was buried

    Elizabeth was buried
    Elizabeth is buried at Mountain View Cemetery.
  • Period: to

    People confess to the murder of Elizabeth Short