The beging of a German nation

  • Period: to

    napolean annexed lands

    napolean made important territorial changes in germany
  • Zollverin union is created

    prussia created econmical union called the Zollverin union it dismanteld tariff barriers between german states
  • liberals meeting

    leberals meeting in the frankfurt assembley demanded german political union
  • rejection of throne

    rejection of throne
    fredrick william the 4th rejected the throne of german states
  • otto van bismarck becomes chancellor or germany

    otto van bismarck becomes chancellor or germany
    otto van bismarck was appointed chanceller of german states by king william the 1st
  • allianced made with austria

    allianced made with austria
    Bismarck made an alliance with austria to seize many provinces
  • annexing of german states

    annexing of german states
    Bismarck started annexing german states in austria
  • franco prussian war

    franco prussian war
    war erupted between france and prussia and the german states
  • birth of second reich

    birth of second reich
    the german natinolist celebrated the birth of second reich
  • New Currency

    New Currency
    Germany had made a new currency making it more efficient in the German area.
  • 2nd Kaiser

    William the II succeeded his grandfather as kaiser and wanted to put his stamp on germany and was very confident on his abilities.
  • Bismark Resigns

    Kaiser Willim II believed he had his power from god so he resigned.