The beggining of the internet

By Afrilla
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    When were the microphones and webcams for communication

    Between 1870 and 1880 the history of the microphone and audio recordings began. The first microphone was part of the phonograph, which at that time was the most common device for reproducing recordings, and was known as the first dynamic microphone.
    In November 1993 they managed to get the camera to transmit through the internet.
    In that year they created the first web camera through a coffee maker and later they introduced them to computers.
  • The begging of the internet

    The begging of the internet
    Happy 50 anniversary of the creation of the internet.
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    When it was created, what was its name, what was its purpose and the evolution of this original net from the origin to nowadays.

    It was created in 1969 and called Arpanet. The main objective was for was to know enemy military information and to be able to communicate over long distances. Has evolved both in the speed and in the number of things that can be done.
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    When HTML texts appeared

    The origin of HTML dates back to 1980, when the physicist Tim Berners-Lee, a CERN researcher, proposed a new "hypertext" system for sharing documents.
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    When appeared the www

    30 Years of the World Wide Web: Caption, Physicist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web as a useful tool for scientists in 1989.
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    When was created the firt web page

    Was created in 1991
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    When born the spam

    Spam via email service was born on March 5, 1994. On this day, a law firm, Canter and Siegel, posts an announcement message from their law firm on Usenet; the day after publication, he billed about $ 10,000 for cases from his friends and online readers.
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    When relevant applications appeared

    The first application came out in the company nokia 1998 and from there they have evolved and created better versions.
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    When ocurred the first malicious attack in the internet

    Although the attacks have been popular since the mid-2010s, the first known attack was carried out in the late 1980s, by Dr. Joseph Popp. McAfee said in 2013 that in the first quarter alone, it had detected more than 250,000 unique types of ransomware.