The Baltierra Family(my dad's side of the family)

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    This timespan will start with when my dad immigrated from Mexico to the USA. This timespan will include major events about immigration and also major events that shaped my dad family culture.
  • El nacimiento del Sol

    El nacimiento del Sol
    When my dad was in the age of 6, he came to a small town in loreto to see a celebration known as, "El Nacimiento del Sol." In El Nacimiento del Sol people that are participating in the celebration, paint their faces black and white and wear typical clothing. The participants would fall from post and would be tied from one of their legs. At the top of the post there would be a man banging his drums. My dad just by seeing the celebration understood the culture of our ancestors.
  • other event I think is important to me

    This was the date that my mom and dad got married in Zacatecas Loreto. If my mom and dad have never met or gotten married, my sisters and I would have never exsisted and my family wouldn't who we are right now. All of us would be different or maybe wouldn't even be from the American culture and just belong to the Mexican culture. That is why I am pround to be who I am and where I came from.
  • Dad immigrating from Mexico to the USA

    My dad at the age of 18 immigrated from Mexico to the USA. When my dad left, I wasnt born yet, but my mom only needed about 3 months until I was born. My dad came to the USA to work in order for me and my mom to live a good life and also my other sisters too. My mom and I later came to Denver and I finally got to meet my dad. Not only was this a major event on immigration, but also it shaped my families culture by making us not only belong to a Mexican culture, but also an American culture.
  • Other event that I think is important

    Another important event that I think is important would be when my twin sisters were born and when my little sister was born. My little sister was born on March 23, 2006. Their names are Donna and Kiana which are the twins, and Elizabeth who is my little sister.
  • The first time doing El Nino Dios

    The first  time doing El Nino Dios
    Th first time my family ever did El Nino Dios would be an event that shaped my families culture. What you do in El Nino Dios is on Christmas Eve, you invite many people to your house . In El Nino Dios, you gather the children around this display that has god in the middle being born with people gathered around him. The adults are circling the children, The madrina and the mother sing songs while the kids are following. By doing El Nino Dios, our faimly will never forget when we did this event.
  • Mi Primera Comunion

    Mi Primera Comunion
    My dad, when he was little did his primera comunion, which by doing that he made me do my Primera Comunion so that I can pass the tradition to my sons, and so that my sons, when they are older can pass the tradition. In my Primera Comunion, I was dressed in all white in my dress and had a 2 hour long mass before actually doing my Primera Comunion. You'd eat bread and drink wine, and later you'd have a party. This shaped my families culture because we actually did one of the mexican traditions.
  • The fact of living here

    What my dad thinks that really shapes our culture would be the fact that we actually live here. Our family tries to keep that mexican culture alive like, for example doing the traditions of El Nino Dios or El Nacimiento del Sol. At the same time, our family also tries to keep the american culture alive by doing the traditions that we love like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Halloween. We keep both our cultures alive in a way that we never forget who we are and where we came from.