The Australian gold rush

  • Period: to

    the australian gold rush

  • Gold is discoverd!

    Gold is discoverd!
    gold is discoverd at Buninyong and at Gloden point
  • Traces of gold

    Traces of gold
    Traces of gold discoverd in the fish river east of Bathurst
  • No mentions made!!!

    No mentions made!!!
    small amounts of gold is discoverd in Silicate in the Blue Mountains. On hearing of the find NSW governor Gorge Gipps officaly requests that no mentions are made of the discovery.
  • Golden sheep run

    Golden sheep run
    william Campbell finds gold on his sheep run to Strathlodden
  • start of gold rush

    start of gold rush
    first payble of gold discoverd in australia begginig of the gold rush
  • More gold!!!

    More gold!!!
    Gold is discoverd in Rockhamton,Queensland
  • The worlds largest nugget found!!!

    The worlds largest nugget found!!!
    Nugget discoverd by John Deason and Richard Oates in Moliagul, Victoria. It is the worlds largest nugget found to date