The age of Napoleon

  • Banque de France

    The bank of France
  • Egyptian Campaign

    Napoleon was in the Ottoman territories of Egypt and Syria, said that he would defend French trade interests.
  • Consulate

    The place or building in which a consul's duties are carried out. The consult was the top level government of France from the fall of the directory.
  • Concordat

    Napoleon wanted to heal the divisions with the Catholic Church that had developed
  • Napoleon code (yellow)

    It’s purpose was to reform the French legal code to reflect the principles of the French Revolution
  • Consul for Life

    Napoleon proclaimed himself First Consul for Life
  • declared self emperor

    Napoleon declared himself emperor because he thought he could save France
  • Battle of Trafalgar

    Battle between the British Royal Navy and combined French and Spanish. British won this war
  • Continental System

    Berlin and Milan proclaimed a blockage
  • Abolished Holy Roman Empire

    Francis ll followed a military defeat by the French army under Napoleon.
  • Invasion of Russia

    The French lost most of their men because of the weather so they lost the battle.
  • Battle of Nations at Leipzig

    Decisive defeat for Napoleon, after nine hours the French were pushed back into the city's suburbs.
  • Waterloo (green)

    This battle was marked as the final defeat of Napoleon
  • Abdication

    Napoleon abdicated in favor of his son
  • Hundred Days

    Also known as the seventh coalition, Napoleon returned from eleven months of exile on the Elba island.
  • Italian Campaign

    Also called the Liberation of Italy
  • Resistance of Spain

    The Anti-Franco guerrilla resistance in Spain. the groups were destroyed, many members died.