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The Adventures of Peter Le!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I'm Alive!

    I'm Alive!
    Peter Le was born.
  • A New World!

    A New World!
    Peter Le left the U.S. to go to Vietnam.
  • Home Sweet Home!

    Home Sweet Home!
    Peter Le leaves Vietnam to go home in the U.S.
  • The Beginning of Learning

    The Beginning of Learning
    Peter's first day of first day of school in the U.S. at Westwood Elementry School.
  • Friends Forever!

    Friends Forever!
    Peter Le made friends.
  • Learning With Will Rogers

    Learning With Will Rogers
    Peter Le swtiched to Will Rogers Elementry School.
  • First day of SMS?

    First day of SMS?
    The day Peter Le became a 6th grader?
  • First Day of SJHS?

    First Day of SJHS?
    The day Peter Le became a 8th grader?
  • Ms Self!!!

    Ms Self!!!
    Peter Le meets his Pre-AP teacher Ms Self!!!!!!!
  • SJHS Again?

    SJHS Again?
    The day Peter Le became a 9th grader.
  • TimeToast Day!

    TimeToast Day!
    The day Peter Le did his timeline!
  • Showtime For The Timeline!

    Showtime For The Timeline!
    This is due!
  • Graduation from SJHS!!!!!!!

    Graduation from SJHS!!!!!!!
    Peter le becomes very sad.
  • First Day of SHS?

    First Day of SHS?
    The day Peter Le becomes a 10th grader?
  • End of the World?

    End of the World?
    Will we all be gone from the face of the Earth?
  • SHS Graduation?

    SHS Graduation?
    Peter is done with highschool?
  • Finally a Man!!!

    Finally a Man!!!
    Peter Le is 18 years old!
  • Old Aready???

    Old Aready???
    Peter Le becomes old fast?