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The 1960s

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    The 1960s

  • Compulsury Serive Ends

    Compulsury Serive Ends
    Compulsory national service training for men ends.
  • All Commercial to be Made in Australia

    All Commercial to be Made in Australia
    Federal Government directs all future TV commercials to be made in Australia
  • Australia to Sell Wheat to China

    Australia to Sell Wheat to China
    Australia to sell wheat to Communist China
  • First Aborigine Votes

    First Aborigine Votes
    Philip Magalnir becomes the first Australian Aborigine to vote under the new Commonwealth electoral laws granting voting rights to Aborigines
  • Australia Endorses Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

    Australia Endorses Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
    Australia becomes the first nation to endorse the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
  • Menzies on TV

    Menzies on TV
    Menzies becomes the first Party leader to make his policy speech on TV
  • First Woman Bank Teller Appointed

    First Woman Bank Teller Appointed
    Judy Hanrahan becomes the first woman teller appointed by the Bank of NSW since the war. This was a big step in closing the gap between the rightd of men and women.
  • No Equal Pay

    No Equal Pay
    Canberra: Federal Government fails to ratify the ILO convention on equal pay for women. This is a major blow for qomen who were fighting for equality
  • Australia in Vietnam

    Australia in Vietnam
    Prime Minister Robert Menzies commits Australian troop to help fight the war in Vietnam. This was done in support of the U.S. and other countries fight Communism.
  • Change in Leadership

    Change in Leadership
    The Prime Minister, Sir Robert Menzies resigns after 16 straight years in office. Harold Holt succeeds him.
  • New Money

    New Money
    On the 14th of February 1966 Australia officially converted to decimal currency from the pounds and shillings system.
  • Ethnic Mayor

    Ethnic Mayor
    In Darwin, Harry Chan elected first ethnic Chinese mayor. This is a major step in the abolishment of White Australia.
  • Last Hanging

    Last Hanging
    Ronald Ryan is the last man to hang in Australia for the murder of a prison warder while escaping from Melbourne's Pentridge Jail. His execution would result in the abolition of the death penalty.
  • Including the Aboringal

    Including the Aboringal
    90% of white Australians vote in referendum for proposal to count aborigines in the census and to allow the federal government to make special laws for them
  • Death of a P.M.

    Death of a P.M.
    Prime Minister Harold Holt disappears while swimming in heavy surf south of Melbourne. His body is never found. This was terrible accident that shocked the nation and brought tears to the eyes of millions of Australians
  • The New Guy

    The New Guy
    John Grey Gorton sworn in as Australia's 19th Prime Minister after Harold's Holt's disappearance
  • One Small Step for Man

    One Small Step for Man
    After a decade of racing the U.S.S.R., the U.S. finnally puts the first man on the moon. "One small step for man, one giant leap for man kind."