1960 1969

The 1960's Timeline

  • Stundents for a Democratic Society

    Stundents for a Democratic Society
    A student activist movement was formed.
  • Lunch Counter Sit-in's

    Lunch Counter Sit-in's
    Four African American Stundents, Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, David Richmond, and Ezell Blair, Jr., walked into an F.W. Woolworth Company store in Greensboro, North Carolina, sat down at the lunch counters and refused to move untill they were served.
  • Kennedy vs. Nixon

    Kennedy vs. Nixon
    JFK and Nixons first debate held on television for the first time during the 1960 elections.
  • National Liberation Front

    National Liberation Front
    NLF Vietnamese political organization formed in effect to overthrow of the South Vietnamese government.
  • Inaugural Address

    Inaugural Address
    John. F Kennedy gave his Inaugural speech afrter taking the presidential oath.
  • The Albany Movement

    The Albany Movement
    The SCLC became involved in assisting the Albany Movement in Goergia with protests against racial-segregation.
  • 24th Amendment

    24th Amendment
    Prohibits both Congress and the states from conditioning the right to vote in federal elections on payment of a poll tax or other types of tax.
  • James Meredith

    James Meredith
    Gov. Ross Barnett personally blocked entrance to Ole Miss's admissions office.
  • Environmental Movement

    Environmental Movement
    Silent Spring talked about effects of pesticides on the environment.
  • Integration of Ole Miss

    Integration of Ole Miss
    Riots erupted on the campus of the University of Mississippi in Oxford where locals, students, and committed segregationists had gathered to protest the enrollment of James Meredith
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    Missiles were placed in Cuba by the Soviet Union
  • Kenndy Addresses the Nation

    Kenndy Addresses the Nation
    Kennedy identifies three possible steps he planned on taking to deal with the missle threat.
  • Naval Quarantine

    Naval Quarantine
    Kennedy decided to place a naval blockade around Cuba.
  • The Feminine Mystique

    The Feminine Mystique
    Writen by Betty Friedan describing the unhappiness of women.
  • Birmingham Confrontation

    Birmingham Confrontation
    High school students were hit by a high-pressure water jet from a firehose during a peaceful protest in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Assasination of Robert Kennedy

    Assasination of Robert Kennedy
    Sirhan Sirhan was convicted of murder and served a life sentence for shooting and killing Kennedy.
  • The Murder Of Medgar Evers

    The Murder Of Medgar Evers
    Civil Rights activist and Secretary of the NAACP in Mississippi was shot and killded on his driveway.
  • "I Have a Dream"

    "I Have a Dream"
    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delievered his most famous "I Have a Dream" speech in support of the Civil Rights Bill.
  • The March on Washington

    The March on Washington
    Interatial non-violent gathering were 200,000 people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial.
  • The16th Street Church Bombing

    The16th Street Church Bombing
    In an act of racial terriorism, 4 girls were killed at a church in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Kennedy Assasination

    Kennedy Assasination
    JFK was shot and kill in Dallas, Texas while campaigning for the 1964 elections.
  • Freedom Summer

    Freedom Summer
    Freedom Summer was an attempt to register as many African Americans to vote.
  • Civil Rights Act

    Civil Rights Act
    The Civil Rights Act makes it unlawful for an employer refuse to hire an individual, or discriminate against any individual because of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.
  • George C. Wallace

    George C. Wallace
    Speech by George C. Wallace The Civil Rights Movement fraud, sham and hoax
  • Gulf of Tokin Resolution

    Gulf  of Tokin Resolution
    Gave LBJ broad congressional approval for expansion of the Vietnam War.
  • Democratic National Convention

    Democratic National Convention
    Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party protested because blacks had been denied their constitutional right to vote and participate in the political process.
  • The GreatSociety

    The GreatSociety
    Lyndon Johnson outlined the goals of the great society.
  • Assasination of Malcom X

    Assasination of Malcom X
    Malcom X was shot to death by people of the Nation of Islam
  • Selma March

    Selma March
    Alabama State troopers attack civil rights demonstraters outside Selma, Alabama.
  • Voting Rights Act

    Voting Rights Act
    Lyndon Johnsons Voting rights Act is passed and all African Americans are allowed to vote.
  • Period: to

    Watts Riots

    Watts Riots was a race riot which took place in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles.
  • National Organization of Women

    National Organization of Women
    N.O.W was formed so that women cold have equality, opportunity and freedom of choice which is their right
  • Santa Fe March

    Santa Fe March
    Latino march to gain better working conditions.
  • Period: to

    Operation Niagara

    Mass Bombing on Vietnam.
  • 1968 Election

    1968 Election
    Nixon wins election by less than 1 percent and becomes president.
  • Tet Offensive

    Tet Offensive
    North and South Vietnam agreed to "cease fire" during the Tet Lunar New Year celebrations but instead an wave of attacks were launched.
  • My Lai Massacre

    My Lai Massacre
    Soldiers on a "search and destroy" mission killed as many as 504 Vietnamese women, children and old men.
  • Lyndon Johnson Announcement

    Lyndon Johnson Announcement
    Lyndon Johnson announces on television that he will not be running for president in the next election.
  • Assasination of MLK

    Assasination of MLK
    Civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was hit by a sniper's bullet whil standing on a balcony
  • Moon Landing

    Moon Landing
    Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.
  • Printing of My Lai Massacre

    Printing of My Lai Massacre
    Newspapers across the country printed accounts of the massacre.