Texas Timeline

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    Texas History

  • Philip Nolan Invades Texas

    Philip Nolan was a filibuster and he led men into Texas to capture wild horses and sell them for money. He had permision from the Spanish until they got suspicious.
  • Philip Nolan is killed and his mustangs surrneder

    Philip Nolan made the Spanish government suspicious because he began to visit often. So he was warned, but he ignored that warning. So the spanish killed Nolan and put his men in prison.
  • Father Miguel Hidalgo calls for Mexico's independance from Spain

    Father Miguel Hidalgo gave his speech "Grito De Lores" or Cry De Lores. His speech was to tell the Mexican citizens to rise up and fight for independance.
  • Father Hidalgo is executed and spain reestablishes control over Texas

    Hidalgo was admired and people supported his ideas but one day Hidalgo was siezed by the Spanish athorities and killed.
  • The Gutierrez Magee Expedition Captures Nacogdoches

    A group of filibusters set out to go and capture the Nacogdoches and proclaim Texas's independance from spain.
  • Spain Reclaims Texas And Most Of The Guiterrez Magee Expedition Is Killed

    There was a battle near tthe medina river and nearly all tthe members were killed so spain re gained controll over texas.
  • James Long Captures Nacogdoches

    james long led a group to nacogdoches where he declared texas independant from spain and establish postst on the brazos river.
  • Moses Austin Leaves For Texas

    Austin came to Texas with an ambitious plan in mind. He wanted to bring 300 families from the United States to begin a colony.
  • Moses Austin Dies

    Moses Austin died before he could carry out his plan so he asked his son Stephen if he could carry on his mission for him.
  • Stephen F Austin Meets Governor Martinez To Get Permision To Colonize

    Stephen had to get persision from the governor to colonize and they let him so he chose his site for colonizing.
  • Mexico Gains Independence From Spain

    The mexicans started a movement for independance and eventually a treaty was signed making mexico independent.
  • Mexican Law Sets Up The Empresario System

  • The Old 300 Arrive In Texas

    The old 300 were the original families that were colonized in texas by stephen f austin