Texas, Texas...Who Has Texas?

By Th3Buhs
  • Philip Nolan invades Texas.

  • Philip Nolan is killed, mustangers surrender.

  • grito

    Father Hidalgo calls for Mexico's independance from Spain.
  • Hidalgo is executed, Spain regains control over Tejas!

  • Gutierrez-Magee Expedition captures Nacogdoches

  • Most of Gutierrez-Magee Expedition killed.

    Spain reclaims Texas.... again.
  • James Long captures Nacogdoches

  • Moses Austin leaves for Texas

  • Moses Austin dies

  • Stephen F. Austin meets with Governer Martinez

    They meet about Austin colonizing Texas
  • Mexico gains independance from Spain

  • Settlers begin arriving in Texas

  • Emresario system set up

  • Mexico becoms a republic

  • San Felipe de Austin becomes capital

    San Felipe de Austin becomes capital of Austin's colony.
  • Green DeWitt brings 400 families to Texas

  • The Old 300 arrive

  • The population of San Felipe de Austin reaches 200.