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Texas Revolution Timeline

  • Battle of Gonzales

    Battle of Gonzales
    This battle was one of the fist battles fought in this time. What happened in this battle was that the texans burried a cannon that the Mexican Army wanted. Then one day the Mexican Army told them to surrender and William B. Travis responded them by throwing a cannon at them. The cannon harmed a lot of the Mexican Army and even killed some of them.
  • Consultation of 1835

    Consultation of 1835
    The people wanted this Consultation because Santa Anna was not following the rules of the Constitution of 1824 and this angered the people. The other thing they disscussed about was weather they should go to war or stay in peace against the Mexican Government. This meeting was held by all the delegates in San Felipe.
  • Declaration of 1835

    Declaration of 1835
    This Declaration was made to restore the Constitution of 1824. In the Constitution there was a law that the people wanted to be passed. The law was to make Texas a separate state from Mexico but, the law was not passed because the president (Santa Anna) did not restpect nor aprove of this so he let it go. Then to try to pass this law again people put in the Declaration of 1835.
  • Texas Attack of San Antonio

    Texas Attack of San Antonio
  • Surrender of Mexican forces in San Antonio

    Surrender of Mexican forces in San Antonio
    It had only been 4 days since the fighting had started. The Mexican Army sent some of their troops to the Texans. Then that is when the Texans approached the Mexican Army and sorrounded them because they did not have many troops to fight with. The Texans asked them to surrender and they had no choice but to surrender so they did.
  • March of the Mexican Army

    March of the Mexican Army
    This march occurs in february 1,1836. Waht happens is that the President Santa Anna just comes barging in to San Antonio. He interrupts all the things going on there takes his own army and starts marching.
  • Battle of Refugio/Coleto (Golidad Massacre)

    Battle of Refugio/Coleto (Golidad Massacre)
    Fannin had 300 men and was sorrounded by the Mexican Army. Then William B. Travis brought in 2,000 men. And at the end they had to put up a flag that let people know they were wurrendered.
  • Siege of the Alamo

    Siege of the Alamo
    The Texans were in the middle of a battle. they were loosing and could be attacked at any minute by the Mexican Army scince they had 2,000 men and the Texans had 145 men and no supplies. They tried to tell Fannin about this by writing him a letter but he never came so the General William B. Travis died
  • Texas Declaration of Independence

    Texas Declaration of Independence
    When the meeting was called to start the Declaration there was only five people there. They were all Delegates. They wrote the Dclaration over night.
  • Runway Scrape

    Runway Scrape
    This was a period of time where there was much chaos. In the Runway Scerape many people left their homes and headed someplace else.Many people died because of the panic. You either died of the fact that there was no food or of a sickness.
  • Constitution of 1836

  • Battle of the Alamo

    Battle of the Alamo
    This Battle of the Alamo lasted for 13 days. Then at the end it all ended with Mexico winning and all 145 Texans that were fighting for the Alamo dead.
  • Swearing in of the Texas government officials

    Swearing in of the Texas government officials
    After all the battles that the Texans has fought 4 people got toghether and started building the new Texas government.