Texas Revolution

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  • Period: to

    Freedonian Rebellion

    Hayden Edwards and his brother Benjamin caused many problems by stealing many land grants.He refused to recognized The Old 300 grands and made new people pay for those grands.Protesters protested to Mexican authorities but Edwards ordered to stop his demands.The brothers asked Stephen F. Austin to join their Rebellion but Austin denied and joined the Mexican army.The brothers lost and The Mexican Army won.
  • Mier Y Teran Report

    Mier Y Teran Report
    MIer Y Teran was sent to determine how much of a threat the Angelo where against Mexican rule.His repoer said ¨If the Mexicsn government did not act quickly they would lose the territory to the US¨10 to 1 where Americans
  • Law of April 6,1830

    Law of April 6,1830
    All immigration from the US would end,No more empresarios from americans would be given out,no new slaves could be brought from Texas,land grants would be given out only to mexicans and european settlers,a tax or custom duty must be paid on all trade goods from the US,soldiers would be sent to texas to enforce these laws,cancel all incomplete empressarios contracts.
  • Turtle Bayou Resolution

    Turtle Bayou Resolution
    The mexicans wanted to change the rules because the colonialist didnt agree on the rules
  • The Texas Declaration of Independence

    The Texas Declaration of Independence
    The Texas Declaration of Independence was mainly about the texas having all rights to their independence and the Mexican wanted independence so they fought and the mexican´s got their independence back.
  • Battle of gonzales

    Battle of gonzales
    The battle of gonzales started when the Mexican wanted their cannon back from the Texans but the texans didnt wanted to give it back so they fought The texans won
  • Period: to

    Capture of San Antonio

    The Texan Army captures San Antonio inspired by the spirited leadership of Benjamin Milam takes possession of the city of San Antonio an important victory for the Republic of Texas in its war for independence from Mexico
  • Period: to

    Seige of the Alamo

    February 23, 1836 began the siege of the Alamo, a 13 day moment in history
  • Runaway Scrape

    Runaway Scrape
    The Runaway Scrape is the period in early 1836 generally beginning with the Siege and Fall of the Alamo and ending with the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21
  • Massacre of Goliad

    Massacre of Goliad
    The Massacre of Goliad was an event of the Texas Revolution that occurred on March 27, 1836
  • Period: to

    Battle of San Jacinto

    On April 21, 1836 during Texas war for independence from Mexico, the Texas militia under Sam Houston launched a surprise attack against the forces of Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto near present day Houston Texas
  • Treaty of Velasco

    Treaty of Velasco
    On May 14, 1836 captured Mexican president Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna signed a treaty negotiated with Texas officials