Texas revolution

By mka11
  • The Battle Of Gonzales

    the battle was a war between mexico and texas.this all started because mexico decide to give texas a cannon but texas never wanted to give it back.this impacted the revolution by making it the start of the war between mexico and texas. october 2, 1835.
  • The Siege Of Bexar

    the battle was texas distracting santa so he could ambush him and his army. Sam houston left 200 many to distract santa anna. This impacted the revolution because santa anna was not happy about his defeat and was looking for revenge. this war was on october 12, 1835.
  • The Battle Of Concepcion

    this was another abush texas wanted to do by san antonio. Texas won this war with only 100 men which is 300 less than santa anna's army. This impact the revolution because it was the first major war. this war was on October 28,1835.
  • The Battle Of The Alamo

    sam houston,william b. travis,james bowie, david crockett where the people involved in this war. the war was on february 23,1835. mexico fought texas and won. this impacted the revolution because it left a lot of people died making texas mad.
  • The Runaway Scrape

    this was the last war and it was on march 11, 1836. santa anna told sam houston that onone in his path would get killed. So sam houston ordered everyone to leave and to burn down the house so he would not find anything. this impacted the revolution because at the end santa anna became a prisoner of sam houston.
  • The Battle Of The Goliad

    James Fannin and his army decide to raid mexico land but got stuck and could not retreat. Sadly most of his men where either killed or badly wounded. this impacted the revolution by making texas want to come together and fight santa anna. this war was on march 27, 1836.