Texas Revolution

  • Battle of Gonzalez

    The Mexican soldiers planned to take the cannon, so the Texans prepared to bury the cannon. Then once the Mexican army returned the Texans dug up the cannon and prepared to use it on the Mexicans. Near the cannon they flew a banner written with the words "Come and Take It". Casteneda led 100 men to take the cannon, but the Texans were more defiant toward the Mexican government.
  • Siege of San Antonio

    When the Texans learned about the soldiers on Gonzalez volunteers came to the scene prepared to fight. When they arrived, the battle was already over. The Texans decided to continue on to San Antonio to drive Mexican soldiers out of Texas for good. Cos sent 30 soldiers to Goliad to guard the Mexican fort. A group of 50 Texans led by George Collingsworth attacked the fort. Soon after the Mexican soldiers surrendered.
  • The Consultation

    Delgates gathered at San Felipe for a meeting called the Consultation. The meeting began on November 4, 1835. Delgates wanted to declare independence from Mexico. People who were in the part of the peace party wanted to remain loyal to Mexico, but fight Santa Anna. on November 6, 1835 the Consultation voted against immediate declaration of Independence by a vote of 33 to 15. They remained to stay loyal of Mexico.
  • Battle of San Antonio

    Mexican troops surrendered and decided to give the Texans all the money, supplies,arms, and properties. They also pledged to never oppose the Constitution of 1824.
  • Runaway Scrape

    Texaian forcsses win Texas Independence.
  • Constitutional Convention of 1836

    Delgates gathered for the second meeting of the Consultation. They met in an unfinished structure. The temperture was near freezing, which sped up procedures. Delgates declared Texas independence the next day, March 2. Within two weeks they written a constitution.
  • Battle of The Alamo

    Due to the retreat of General Martin Perfecto do Cos , no Mexican troops remained in Texas. Santa Anna led his army into Texas to reestablish Texas inder Mexican control. The Texans had no idea that Santa Anna planned to attack, they thought he would arrive in spring. "Remember The Alamo," was chanted by the Texans during the last battle of the Texas Revolution.
  • Battle of Coleto

    O March 14 Fannin recieved orders from General Sam Houston to retreat to Victoria. Fannin remained in Goliad until March 19, waiting on a word from the King and Ward. Urrea's men surrounded the Texans on the prairie. Fannin commanded 300 men who were outnumbered by Urrea's troops. The next morning Urrea recieved additional troops. Fannin surrenered his command. The surviving Texas soldiers were taken captive by the Mexican army.
  • Goliad Massacre

    Was an execution of Republic of Texas soldier-prisoners and their commander, James Fannin
  • Battle of San Jacinto

    Decisive Texas victory; Mexican surrneder and retreat to the south of Rio Grande