Texas flag

Texas Revolution

  • Moses Austin

    Moses Austin
    The Spanish did not respond to their offer of land, the spanish agreed to let Moses Austin start a colony there
  • Period: to

    Texas Revolution

  • Mexico Gains Independence

    Mexico Gains Independence
    Mexico successfully gained independence form Spain
  • Slave owners get Angry

    Slave owners get Angry
    Slave owners become angry when Mexico outlawed slavery. They wanted to maintain slavery so they could grow cotton.
  • Americans Outnumber Tejanos

    Americans Outnumber Tejanos
    The population had swelled to around 25,000, when more Americans settle in Texas
  • List of Requested Reforms

    List of Requested Reforms
    Austin goes to Mexico City to present a list of requsted reforms to Mexican officials. General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna agreed to most of the reforms, but not all of them.
  • Mexican Soldiers

    Mexican Soldiers
    Mexican soldiers marched to the town of Gonzales, because they were ordered to seize a cannon
  • San Antonio

    San Antonio
    Santa Anna's troops surounded San Antonio. The next day the Mexicans began their siege of the Almo
  • Free Independent Republic

    Texans meet at a settelment called Washington-on-the-Brazos to decide what to do about Santa Anna's troops. They decided to declare Texas a free and independent republic
  • Rmember The Almo, Remember Goliad

    Rmember The Almo, Remember Goliad
    Houston surprised Santa Anna near the San Jacinto River. The Texans ended up screaming "Remember the Almo" and "Remember Goliad"
  • Lone Star Republic

    Lone Star Republic
    The Texans raised the official flag of the independent nation of Texas. The flag is also called "Lone Star Republic"
  • Texas Union

    Texas Union
    Texas Goverment to asked congress to join Texas Union