texas revolution

  • runaway scrape

    the people heard about santa anne and they fled the country.
  • battle of san jacinto

    when the texans launched a surprise on the mexicans but santa anne got away but we found him and put him in jail.
  • battle of gonzalz

    the first time texans uesd military force.
  • siege of san antonio

    they elected stevenfaustin ats the commander and are trying to run out the mexicans of texas for for good.
  • consulation

    when the texans did not declare independence to mexico of a vote of 33 to15
  • battle of sanantonio

    texans launched their attack.
  • battle of the alamo

    when the texans troops fight they say rember the alamo cause thats the day the texans lost but still held their ground.
  • constitutional convection of 1836

    texans declared independence.
  • golid massacre

    santa anne order all of the troops to be shot but only a handful escaped.
  • battle of coleto

    texans troops were surronder by urres troops.