Texas Milestones

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  • Period: Jan 1, 1500 to


  • Nov 5, 1528

    Cabeza de Vaca

    After being shipwrecked on what is most likely Galveston Island, Cabeza de Vaca trades for six years and explores Texas while going to Mexico.
  • Apr 20, 1540


    Francisco Vasquez de Coronado leads an expedition through the southwestern United States in search of the "Seven Cities of Cibola."
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  • La Salle

    Fort St. Louis is established by Robert LaSalle. He was murdered by his own men two years later.
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  • Austin Grant

    Stephen S Austin begins to colonize the Brazos River region after receiving a grant from the Mexican government.
  • Mexican Independence

    Mexico is given a repulblican government after the Constitution of 1824, but does not define the rights of its states.
  • Austin Imprisoned

    Stephen S Austin has many Anglo-Americans in his colony, but the Mexican government wants to limit the immigration. He presents a constitution to Santa Anna, but he throws Austin in prison.
  • Battle at Gonzales

    Texas starts a revolution by driving out Mexican cavarly.
  • Battle of the Alamo

    After a long two-week siege at the Alamo, the Texans, led by Col. William B Travis, are defeated by the Mexicans.
  • Runaway Scrape begins

    After being defeated by Santa Anna at the Alamo, the Texas settlers fear for their lives and flee eastward, plagued by sickness and hunger.
  • Massacre at Goliad

    Santa Anna orders 400 Texans to be executed, including James Fannin.
  • The Battle of San Jacinto

    Texas finally defeats Santa Anna and the Mexican army, winning its independence.
  • Texas Joins the United States

  • Texas Secedes and Joins the Confederacy

    After a lopsided 171 to 6 vote by the Secession Convention, Texas seceds from the United States and joins the Confederacy. However, Governor Sam Houston was opposed to this.
  • Battle of Galveston-the Bayou City

    The ship "the Bayou City" plays a large part in the Battle of Galveston. The Confederacy surprisingly defeats the Union and Texas reclaims its seaport.
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