Texas History Timeline (1800-1830)

  • Father Hidalgo

    Father Hidalgo
    -He had native spaniards arrested for suspisions against him.
    -He called for a rebellion with Texas and Mexico.
    -Was then caught, captured, and stripped of his priest hood.
    -He was later shot as a rebel and died.
  • Philip Nolan

    Philip Nolan
    -He came to Texas in the 1790's with a plan to capture wild mustangs and sell them to Lousiana.
    -THe suspicions of Phillip spending alot of time with the general and his capturing of horses with the mapmaking of Texas had a result of him getting arrested.
    -He died in a fight with spanish soldiers in 1779.
  • Marques de Rubi

    Marques de Rubi
    -He made a document which impacted Texas greatly.
    - Ordering the evacuation of all missions except for San Antonio and Bahfa.
    -Also the removal of spanish soldiers and a indian implement policy.
  • Jose Gutierrez de Lara

    Jose Gutierrez de Lara
    -On March 17, 1811 he went to the U.S to solicit aid.
    -In Washington D.C he met up with his three allys to make plans to liberate Texas and Mexico on December 11, 1811.
    -In April, 1812, they set out for Texas.
  • Jean Laffite

    Jean Laffite
    -He snuck in and took over the island of Galveston on May 14, 1817.
    -He was requested to leave by President Monroe because it was part of the Louisiana.
    -He refused to and stayed until he got surrounded by a fleet of ships and was forced to leave in 1821.
  • Augustus Magee

    Augustus Magee
    -Augustus served in the army.
    -One of the best young informed officers in the U.S army
    -About the middle of September he became ill with a disease from the Trinity River, then on February 6, 1813, dies.
  • Dr. James Long, Fillbuster

    Dr. James Long, Fillbuster
    -He served as a surgeon for the U.S.A in the war of 1812
    -He assosiated with the W.W Walker company in Merchandising.
    -James long commands a fillibuster group with plans to conquer texas,but they later fail and get imprisoned.
  • Battle of Mendina

    Battle of Mendina
    -Fought 20 miles south of San Antonio de Bexar.-Troops were led by General José Joaquín de Arredondo.
    -The battle lasted four hours.
    -Part of the Mexican War of Independence.
    - The bloodiest battle ever fought in Texas.
  • Merger of Coahuila and Texas

    Merger of Coahuila and Texas
    The merger was a contract made to attract people to settle in Texas.
    The contract stated that each family could have a large amount of space in return for a nominal amount of money and a pledge that they would abide to the Mexican Government's rules.
    By the 1820s, the government revoked the contract because too many people were violating the pledge that they had made,
  • Mexican Federal Constituton

    Mexican Federal Constituton
    -The constitution of 1824 of the republic of Mexico provided that each state in the republic should frame its own constitution.
    -The state Coahuila and the formere Spanish province of Texas combined as the stae if Coahuila and Texas.
    -The legislature for the new state was organized at Satilloin in August 1824.
  • State Colonization Law of 1825

    State Colonization Law of 1825
    -The state colonization law was established on 1825.
    -The law said that no property could be granted within 20 leagues of an international boundary or within 10 leagues of the coast without permission from the federal executive authority.
  • Constitution of Coahuila and Texas

    Constitution of Coahuila and Texas
    The Mexican government required each state to frame its own -Constitution, which was published on March 11, 1827. The constitution made Catholicism the state religion.
    -Guaranteed liberty, security, property, and equality.
    -Slavery was also forbidden and the import of slaves would be forbidden as well withing 6 months,