Texas History timeline

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    Lands of Contrasts

    Texas has an abundant supply of oil. It also has a vast, extensive landscape. The climate is very unpredictable in all regions of Texas.
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    The regions of texas

    There are 4 regions in texas. We live in the coastal plains. another region is The noth central plains, this is an area filled withmany cities and plains with the driest enviornment of the four. The third region is the mountain and basins region, this region is filled many mountains and basins. And lastly the great plains are full with big rolling plains.
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    Native texans

    B.C. 32988, The first anchients crossed the sirberian land bridge.
    1520, The caddo people who had 24 confederacies. they were materanial. these people, desendents of the ancient people who crossed the land bridge, started dying out because of disease.
    1700, Apaches were a nomadic people, and thye were a warlike tribe. several apache groups by the 1700's
  • Nov 26, 1519

    Early Explores

    1519, Hernan cortes sold from cuba to mexico with 500 soilders landed in mexico and conquered the aztec with disease and the aztec thought he was a god
    1540, Coronado set out to find the city of gold spotted by fray marcos, he found it but it was a puelo city, he kept going to find gold else where, and found a turk who led them to quveria,and discovered the palo duro canyon
  • Missions and settlements

    1690, This is when the first spanish missions were dedicated in east Texas
    1718, In present day san antonio The mission San Antonio de Valero, now known as the alamo, was established.
    1722, Los Adaes became the unoffical Capitol at this time
    In 1690 Father Damian Massenet sets up the missions in east texas, but drought and disease force many to close
  • End of Spanish rule

    1773, Spanish abandon East texas mission
    1779, Nacogdoches is founded
    1821, Mexico declares freedom from spain
    In 1803 the Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the U.S. and made the U.S. an extensive country