Texas and Mexico War

  • The First Texas Empresarios

    The Spaniards decided to offer large tracts of land of empresarios, people who agreed to recruit settlers.
  • Texas Independence

    Texas included a handful of Americans and about 3,000 Tejanos.
  • Growing conflicts

    Colonists on the Branzos were using slaves to grow cotton.
  • Mexican Fears

    Mexican congress banned further Anglo immigration.
  • American Colonists in Texas

    About 5,665 people lived in his colony.
  • Come and Take it

    Austin ordered the soldiers to seize a canon at the Texas town of Gonzales
  • Defense of the almo

    Texas met at washington-on-branzos.
  • The galiad Massacre

    The fight at the almo andgered and inspired the Texans.
  • The Battle of San Jacinto

    Sam houston decided to strike.
  • The republic of Texas

    Texans forced Santa Anna to sign a peace treaty.
  • Juan Seguin, A Texas Hero

    Juan Seguin saw the almo in flames.