Texas 1836-1845

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  • Independence of Republic of Texas

    Independence of Republic of Texas
    The Texan Decleration of indepenance was adopted at the Washington-on-the-Brazos. By March 17th The Republic of Texas would have created their constitution and established government.
  • Fall of the Alamo

    Fall of the Alamo
    The Alamo had been under siege by Santa Anna's Mexican troops from February 23 the siege ended after the Mexican army killed 183 Texians.
  • The Battle of San Jacinto

    The Battle of San Jacinto
    Sam Houston lead an attack on Santa Anna's army while the Spanish army was taking a siesta the battle was a victory for the Texan republic only lasting 18 minutes it resulted in the capture of Santa Anna.
  • Period: to

    Sam Houston's 1st Presidency

    Sam Houston's First Term was spent trying to gain recognition or possible annexation for the new republic, lobbying to gain better relations with the native American people in Texas, and trying to repair the financial status of the country.
  • Texas Recognized by the U.S.A

    Texas Recognized by the U.S.A
    Texas struggled to gain recognition despite Sam Houston's good relationship with President Jackson. After some political maneuvering, the U.S.A finally recognized the republic of Texas.
  • Period: to

    Mirabeau B. Lamar's Presidency

    Lamar's Presidency was marked by aggression against the native American population that was raiding anglo American settlements. Lamar also attempted to obtain a better relationship with Mexico but ultimately failed.
  • France recognizes Texas

    France was the first European country to recognize Texas.
  • Period: to

    Sam Houston's Second Term

    Houston's second term focused on reliving the countries debt, mending trade with the Native American tribes, attempts to tame the Texan populace in not antagonizing Mexico, and finally annexing Texas to the United States.
  • Texas approves It's annexation

    Texas approves It's annexation
    Sam Houston using political maneuvering and relationships between England, France, Mexico, and the USA was able to get texas to annex before his term ended.