ten years a nation republic of texas

  • Period: to

    republic of texas

  • sam houston elected president

    sam houston elected president
    born in virgina lexington and adopted by cheroke indians sam huston became the first president of texas made peace with the commanche indians and tried to not go to war again with mexico
  • The Annexation of Texas

    The Annexation of Texas
    anglo-american immagrants from southern part of america started coming to texas and the population of anglos began to overthrow the mexicans later they banned anymore immigrants coming to texas which started the war then later was won by sam huston who later was to become a president of texas
  • M.B Lamar elected president

    M.B Lamar elected president
    born in lewisville georgia joined the Texas revolutionary army as a private later on he was he was made a colonel and assigned to command the cavalry at the battle of san jacinto as president he completley demoliished sams peace treatry with the indians and forced antother war with mexico
  • the council house fight

    the council house fight
    the council house fight took place with the texan republic and the commanche indians. the commanches wanted peace but the texans wanted to move them out of texas and into okalahoma which caused indian raids and women and children held hostage by the commanches in the end the texans won 35 commanche indians were killed and 7 texans killed
  • Sam houston Reelected

    Sam houston Reelected
    sam huston tried reganing the peace with the indians and tried not to gain war with mexico
  • Mier expedition

    Mier expedition
    152 texan soliders were blinfolded and forced to pick a bean from a pot there were 159 white beans and 17 black beans if they grabbed a white they lived if they chosed a black they were to send a letter to ther loved ones and the executed
  • Dr.anson jones elected president

    Dr.anson jones elected president
    born in massatuches he is remembered for the founding of the anneaxation he moved to texas in in 18 32 and became a doctor to later be a president of texas in late 1844 the congress Declared to be a state of a america and popular sentiment anneaxation grew but Dr.Jones refuesd to let texas be a state of texas which led the pepole of texas to threaten and over throw his goverment later he agreed to annex texas and join the united states of america
  • texas becomes a state to the USA

    texas becomes a state to the USA