Tejaswin’s Educational Timeline

  • Junior’s Journey

    Junior’s Journey
    Juniors journey was my first play school. We learnt a lot of educational board games, puzzles, numbers and phonics Alphabets. I also had many other friends to play with.One day after kindergarten, I went to buy some chocolates ,candy and picture books to read in my free time.
  • Legacy School Bangalore

    Legacy School Bangalore
    The early years of my school was great. We learnt language, maths, phonics alphabets. There was more time to play on the play ground with my classmates. We used to sing more of rhymes and learnt maths and English in the way of songs. The time to be in school was shorter .
  • First trip with dad to Hong Kong

    First trip with dad to Hong Kong
    This was my first trip to Hong Kong with my dad. It was really fun and exciting. I held a parrot on my hand and pet a cute German Shepard. We stayed in a hotel called Shenzhen Bao’an. I also went to an ocean park, where i visited many aquariums and saw many great white sharks.
  • First Horse ride

    First Horse ride
    The first time i sat on the horse, I felt so high of the ground. The instructor was really nice and help me get on the horse. I learned how to handle the horse and also showed me a few tricks how to let the horse know where and how fast you wanted to go.
  • Canadian Internatinal School

    Canadian Internatinal School
    I joined Canadian Internatinal School in fourth grade when Covid-19 hit the world. It was sad we couldn’t go to school because of the lockdown. We started online classes and the teacher made it really fun, we also played many online games like among us.I am still enjoying the school a lot.
  • First scuba dive

    First scuba dive
    My First scuba dive in maldives was amazing. The water was really cold and I got to see many hammerhead sharks along with giant sea turtles. I also made some friends and they were really nice to me. We stayed in a hotel in Maldives and I even got a nice bunk bed.It was like I was in another world beneath.