Computer story

Technology Use Progression

  • 1979 Intellivision Mattel

    1979 Intellivision Mattel
    I spent whole days playing on this console with my brother. At the time it was high tech, it linked up to the television, and we spent a lot of time playing rudimentary games that would suck anyone today. Obviously, it was no longer possible to watch television from that time on. It, for several years, had become a game tool and not just a tool to be informed or to watch movies.
  • 1983 Mattel Aquarius

    1983 Mattel Aquarius
    In those years my father bought an encyclopedia and as a gift with it was this computer. Nothing could be done about it because it was too weak, it had 1 Kb of RAM, and there were no games for the Aquarius computer. However, I was thrilled to have a computer, so even though I couldn't play it, I became interested in it and learned to program it in BASIC. Unfortunately, the lack of memory did not allow me to make programs too large because otherwise, I would receive the message "out of memory."
  • 1983 Commodore 64

    1983 Commodore 64
    After learning to program on my previous computer my father realized that I had a talent for this stuff and made me take a special paid course in middle school. At the end of the course the instructors went to him and told him that the course was useless for me because I already knew everything. I passed with 100% without studying and to gratify me, my father bought me a used Commodore 64 because, at the time, they were expensive. After receiving it, guess what I started doing with 64 Kb of RAM?
  • 1991 Amiga 500

    1991 Amiga 500
    Amiga was an exceptional, powerful, and extremely innovative computer. However, it cost a lot, and to buy it, I worked as a plumber's apprentice for a whole year. I paid it with payments so as not to run out of all the money I earned.
  • 1995 - Assemble Computer

    1995 - Assemble Computer
    For reasons that I do not explain now, after being without a computer for a few years, I bought a newly assembled computer and from there I started programming again. After a few years of completely random events, a software company gave me the opportunity to work for them and it has always been my job ever since.