Technology Timeline

Timeline created by NadaOrland
  • First Telephones In Sydney

  • Rail Link Between Sydney And Melbourne

  • Gas Heaters Introduced

  • Rail Link Between Sydney and Brisbane

  • First Moving Pictures Shown in Sydney

  • First Car Driven In Australia

    It had a top speed of 16 kilometres per hour
  • Phonograph First Played In Australia

  • First Succesful Wirless Transmission In Australia

  • First Feature Film Produced In Australia

  • Man Produces Drought Resistant Wheat

    Said man was William Farrer
  • Electric Street Lights First Used In Sydney

  • First Long Distance Radio Transmition Between Tas & Vic

    Between Tasmania and Victoria
  • Sydney And Melbourne Connected By Telephone

  • Ford Model T Introduced

    It was the first mass produced car
  • First Fee Flight In Asustralia In Glider

    Said man was G. A. Taylor
  • First Powered Flight In Australia

    Made by Fred Custance