Technology Timeline

  • Period: to

    Timespan of Technologies

    These are ten technologies wich are put on to a timeline.
  • Microvawe oven

    Microvawe oven
    It heats stuff make it warm.
  • USB

    It can store data in ur laptop.
  • Digital LED tv

    Digital LED tv
    Normal tv but with color. You can buy a Dvd and also put it in to watch it in the tv aswell
  • Cannon Camera

    Cannon Camera
    You can take pictures and edit it like the computer photobooth.
  • Electric car

    Electric car
    Transportation you can go anywhere you like if you have a car.
  • Cannon Printer

    Cannon Printer
    It can print stuff from your computer
  • i phone 4

    i phone 4
    IPhone is to call or message others around the world.
    You can do lots of stuff in iPhone like games, messages, call, take photos, see the calendar and lots more.
  • I Pad 3

    I Pad 3
    I pad can call and can do all sort of stuff like I phone and I touch do.
  • FujiFilm

    You can take pictures but a small film comes out with it with your picture on it.
  • HP laptop

    HP laptop
    You can do all sort of stuff in computer you can print stuff to printer and u can do research, education play games etc..