Technology timeline

  • Airon

    An aircon is used to cool down homes by drawing air from outside and cooling it down and then blasting cold air into your home.
  • Mobile phones

    Mobile phones
    A phone that you can carry around easily that has access to worldwide telephone numbers.
  • Period: to

    Past to present day

  • Spitfire

    To protect countries under war from the sky. They are one of the most famous British airplanes ever made.
  • Washing machine

    Washing machine
    It is a machine that washes clothes by spinning them round and round while squirting washing liquid and soap.
  • Speakers

    Speakers amplify the sound of what is plugged into them. (Guitars, mike’s…)
  • Coffe machine

    Coffe machine
    To make a coffee much quicker and easier than hand-made coffee.
  • Taser gun

    Taser gun
    In 1974, the Taser was invented by a NASA scientist named Jack Cover. Taser guns temporarily deprive people from use of their arms and legs, thus allowing the police to take them away for custody. Taser’s first originated from the stun gun.
  • Internet radio

    Internet radio
    It access’s worldwide radio stations.
  • ipods

    To listen to music in a convenient and simple way. All you do is slip in your pocket/bag and voila! Music.