Technology Progression

Timeline created by jackhigginbotham
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    IPod Shuffle

    When I was in the first grade I got a IPod Shuffle. It was a tiny green square that had a touch wheel and no screen. The lack of a screen and no way to search for songs, it was very hard to find the song that I wanted.
  • IPAD-2010

    On the Christmas of 2010 I got the first generation IPad from my parents. I was extremely excited to have my own IPad because it had a huge screen for all my games. The IPad was my first touch screen device.
  • DESKTOP-2016

    My freshman year I researched computer parts and assembled my first desktop. It took me months to search for the best parts that were within my price range for my desktop. I was nervous to start putting the PC together in fear of breaking a part. When I was done, I has a very fast gaming PC that I still use today.
  • OCLUS RIFT-2018

    OCLUS RIFT-2018
    Virtual reality headsets had always intrigued me son in 2018 on Black Friday I ordered a Oculus Rift. Setting up the Rift was a bit hard because I did not have much space in my room, but I still managed to work it out by moving my bed. The first games I bought were fun, but it became clear that virtual reality still has a long way to go.
  • IPhone X 2020

    IPhone X 2020
    Last year my dad bought me a IPHONE X which was not my first IPhone but its defiantly my favorite one. It has a large screen and amazing camera that can take great photos. The IPhone X is also very fast and takes minimal time to load apps and download files.