Technology of the 2010s

  • Uber

    Uber was unveiled in San Francisco in 2011 and since then has changed the way we get around. Uber allows users to hail a car to the location via their phone. Uber has changed the public transportation industry putting cabs in almost obscuration.
    Created by Garrett Camp
  • Oculus

    Oculus has created virtual reality headsets available for public use. Their headsets at first required a powerful computer to process the environments. Now they are able use chips that allow the headset to stand alone.
    Created by Palmer Luckey
  • USB-C

    The USB Type C connector was an update on the USB platform. The newer smaller plug allows for the cable to connect to many devices. The USB C allows tranfers of power and data in ranges of 10, 20 , or 40 gigabytes depending the port used. The new USB has helped many devices stay compact while fully keeping its transfer rates.
  • Microsoft Hololens

    Microsoft Hololens
    Microsoft HoloLens is the world's first fully untethered holographic computer. The HoloLens look like glass but allow the user to look at 3-D holograms in real-time and space. The HoloLens is made for industries to help develop products and better visualize designs.
    Created by Alex Kipman
  • AMD Ryzen

    AMD Ryzen
    AMD's latest line of computer CPUs. These utilize more cores and threads at a low cost. Allowing computers to multitask more with less drawbacks.