Technology in my life!!

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    Technologhy in my life!!!

  • Making Music

    Making Music
    My dad had just brough a new CASIO organ. I remeber hearing a recording he took of me pressing the keys and of how excited I got at hearing the different sounds come from the speakers.
  • Answering the phone.

    Answering the phone.
    I was alone at home with my grandfather. He was taking his afternoon siesta. The phone rang and I decided to answer it. I answered the call, said hello!! and immediately hung up because I didnt know what to say further.
  • Music Player!!

    Music Player!!
    My parents got me a walkman for my birthday. I was very excited to have my very own music player. That when I first started collecting cassete tapes.
  • m&m

    It was my first day in secondary school. My mom had brought me an m&m calculator. I was so excited to use it, which led me to develop a liking for math.
  • The world of Compact Discs

    The world of Compact Discs
    I had brouht my self a Walkman CD player and that when I started to collect CD's.
  • Digital Music

    Digital Music
    My mom's sister had got me a mp3 player from Dubai. It was the start of something new, but on the other end it was a sad ending to my hardcopy music collection. From that time to the present date, all of my music is digital.
  • Hello!!

    My parents got me my first very own mobile phone. Although I got strict warnings on when to use it and how much to use it, it was a game chager, especially since I could communicate with friends more easily.
  • Laptop

    My parent got me a laptop after I graduated from high school. It opened up a whole new world.
  • Upgrade Phone

    Upgrade Phone
    I got a new phone with a COLORED screen!!!!!
  • Smartphone

    I got a Blackberry when I first came to the US. It was a smartphone, and made life so much easier.
  • High Performance

    High Performance
    I got a new high performance laptop. It is capable of performing tasks effeciently and at high speeds, without lagging or freezing. It also has a big graphics card which makes playing games with high graphic content possible, without any decrease in performance or quality.