technology and society

Timeline created by lasebis
  • first flight

    first flight
    first flight made by wright brothers
  • assemby line, Ford

    assemby line, Ford
    Start of Ford company
  • The tv

    The tv
    first tv
  • Radar

    first radar
  • Nuclear reactor

    Nuclear reactor
    this made went down the stands of a futboll stadium
  • First computer

    First computer
    ENIAC, this computer was created in university of pensilvania
  • First microwave oven

    First microwave oven
    Radarange, it costed (57.000$)
  • First artificial satellite

    First artificial satellite
    Sputnik, this was launched by russia
  • Email

    This form of comunication was created by Roy Tolinson
  • Mobile phone

    Mobile phone
    this model was called Dyna Tac by Motorola
  • personal computer

    personal computer
    this first P. computer called PET
  • CDs and Flash memorys

    CDs and Flash memorys
  • Hybrid vehicles

    Hybrid vehicles
    an example of one of the first hybrid vehicles is toyota Rav4
  • optical mouse

    optical mouse
    is a computer mouse wich uses a light source
  • Wifi networks

    Wifi networks
    his wireless speed was 11mbs