Technology Advances In My Lifetime

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    Technology Advances In My Lifetime

  • USB

    The USB plug has made my life a million times easier. If I have something saved on another computer, I can easily download it onto the USB and transfer it somewhere else.
  • Digital Camera

    The digital camera would always keep me occupied as a kid growing up. You could take pictures of anything you wanted and it was a lot of fun.
  • DVD

    Invented sometime in 1995, the DVD player was easily the best way to watch and kind of movie at home. Not only was it portable, but it was easy to use. It was a great way to pass time back when I was younger.
  • Google

    Google is amazing to search for whatever you want. It was easily the most helpful search engine growing up and I use it almost every day.
  • ITunes

    ITunes is great for easy access toward music and apps for your ipod or iphone. I have been using ITunes frequently ever since I first got my ipod.
  • Apple Ipod

    Apple Ipod
    Apple lifted the curtain on the very first Ipod. This impacted my life greatly. Whenever I'm bored in the car I can plug my ipod into the car and listen to whatever I want. It also helps when you're working out or doing other productive activites.
  • Laptop

    The Laptop is great because it is portable and can almost do the same things that normal Pc's can do. I first recieved my laptop toward the end of 8th grade as a graduation present. It is useful for school and learning about pretty much anything you want.
  • Youtube

    Youtube is one of the most popular and well known websites there are. When I was younger, I would love to make pointless videos about anything I felt like. It was fun to see other people comment and rate my videos.
  • Xbox 360

    Xbox 360
    The xbox 360 is a great way to pass time when you're bored. I first got my xbox for Christmas of 2005 and still play it every once in a while.
  • Twitter

    Created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey and launched that July, Twitter has become apart of my everyday life. It's a way to quickly communicate with friends, family, and other people whom you havn't seen in a while.