By Abhinit
  • Period: Sep 15, 1500 to


  • Sep 14, 1504

    Wrist watch

    Wrist watch
    It is used to see time. But the first watch was not accurate.
  • Television

    You could watch programs
  • Odysses

    The first commercially available home videogame for TV was launched, called Odyssey - complex, with many electronic components, and very expensive.
  • laptop

    This was the first laptop created. It would work anywhere you go.
  • Mobile

    You could call someone but the first phone weighed about 2 pounds
  • Camera

    You could take pictures
  • Play station 2

    A game that could be connected to the TVA game that could be connected to the TV
  • Ipod

    First model, with mechanical scroll wheel. 10 GB model released later.
  • Play station

    You could take it to the doctor and play while waiting for number
  • Wii

    A game that senses your body movement.