Technological Events In My Lifetime

By hlute
  • Laptop

    I was able to purchase my first laptop for college. I was very excited because laptops were becoming very popular amongst students starting college. I was able to take my laptop everywhere and access my notes at any time. This was very important for me especially once I started college because I was able to take notes faster by typing than I ever could writing them out.
  • Smartphone

    In 2011, I had to get on my own cell phone plan which was the first time I could pick any time of phone I wanted. I picked out a Samsung Smartphone. This would pave the way for me to select other smartphones as they improved based on what the smartphone had to offer, such as accessing my class notes and the types of pictures I could take.
  • Tablet

    When I purchased my tablet, it was a total game changer. The tablet was sleek and so much smaller than my laptop. I was able to take my tablet to class with me instead of my laptop to take notes. The best part was that I could highlight in the PowerPoints key things my instructors wanted me to know. It helped me so much when it came to studying. I could compare notes from class to the ones I took from the book.
  • Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo Switch
    Some people do not know that I am big on video games. When the Nintendo Switch came out, I knew I wanted. I thought is was amazing that it is a gaming system that can be hooked up to the television or played as a handheld. I would take this with me to family events and we would play Mario Kart. It was so much easier than carrying the bulkier gaming systems.
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
    I always used my smartphone for everything: call, text, email, social media. Sometimes I would watch videos on it. I purchased this phone last year since it was a mix between a phone and a tablet. I have used this phone in more ways than I ever thought. I was able to open it to the tablet to show students images while in clinical this past semester as well as personal use.
  • Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams
    This past semester was my first time teaching. I was introduced to Microsoft TEAMS as a way to connect to the students at home. I was able to share my screen with them to see my PowerPoints as well as record the lecture and post it later to BlackBoard. I was amazed to see how we could still teach to those who had to learn remote due to Covid quarantine.