Technological Changes 1914-present

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    Techonological Changes 1914-present

    The age of technology from 1914-present signified many changes from the last few centuries in that innovation moved faster, but it was mostly a continuous age because after the first few inventions, things were only improved upon and the general trend was that better versions of existing forms of communication were presented, with the exception of the cellphone, which came late in the game.
  • Radio Tuners

    The first really significant invention from 1914-present is the radio tuner, this allowed people to choose a radio station or different airwave. This had numerous benefits for both the military and the civilian people. It allowed a more convenient, secure way of communicating for many people. This is a change because it revolutionized the radio.
  • Superhet receiver invented

    The superhet, or superheterodyne circuit, is a receiver that mixes radio signals to create a new amplified signal that is easier to process. It is used still today in most radios and TVs. It made it significantly easier to have more radio stations and closer together and eliminated some interference issues. This was a continuity because previous innovations to the radio had already been made, and were still continuing to be made.
  • Arc Welder

    There were many innovations and notable inventions during 1919, however; the most notable and still used today, is the arc welder. This tool greatly improved the strength of heat-bonded metals and would be a really good tool in upcoming wars, as well as in manufacturing in civilian life too. This is a continuity because it is yet another of the many inventions during the early 20th C.
  • Tommy Gun

    Among the best and most high tech weapons at the time, the tommy gun could fire at an impressivly high rate and hold a good amount of ammunition. It would be instrumental in world war two for the infantrymen and be a staple weapon for years. This is a continuity because it is just carrying on the tendency of invention and thhings that will improve the military.
  • Liquid Fuel Rockets

    Liquid fuel rockets paved the way to huge achievements later on in weaponry, space exploration, and flight. Liquid fuel rockets were revolutionary because a liquid takes the volume of the space it's in, therefore, in it's container it will burn at a more uniform rate than a solid or even a powder making it exponentially more accurate. This was a continuity because it continues the trend of invention and improvement.
  • Radio Telescope

    The radio telescope was in invented in 1932. It would soon be the most useful instrument in space exploration, especially very deep into space. This was a continuity because it continued the trend of invention.
  • FM radio

    FM radio or frequency modulating radio, was invented to control the static to better the quality of the sound of the radio waves bouncing off the earth and other objects. It comes from the same inventer of the superhet receiver and greatly improved means of communicating. This is a continuity because it continues innovation especially in radio.
  • Helicopter

    Russian scientist, Igor Sukkorsky, invents the first ever working helicopter. As anyone would know, helicopter's uses are endless and greatly improve infrastructure and thus quality of life, so making this invention priceless. This shows continuity because it continues the improving of technology at this time.
  • First Binary/Digital Computer

    While the invention of this computer itself wasn't particularly impressive, the logic emplyed in the building of this computer would carry over to help create the modern marvels that we now use. This shows continuity in that it is yet another invention that improves the quality of life.
  • Atomic Bomb

    The first atomic bomb was created. The results: the end of WWII, an unprecedented new threat, and a break in the balance of power globally. This was a change, because while it is just another invention, this particular invention was not created to serve in the good capacities as the others.
  • Transistor

    A priceless invention, the transistor is now used in every last piece of modern technology. It makes up the very brains of our modern computers on the smallest and most basic level. This is a continuity because it carries on the trend of bettering technology.
  • Transistor Radio

    Transistor radios were very unique, not only in that, they were a major improvement in radios as a whole, but they are the first invention to combine two of the inventions created in the last few years, which just shows the huge amount that was invented and their possibilities. This shows continuity in the continued innovation displayed.
  • Kevlar

    Kevlar was invented, warranting the ability to do many new things, kevlar can be used to make the toughest of bullet proof armor, space suits, diving suits, and other protective gear. The uses of kevlar are growing still today, and limitless as it is one of the strongest fibers in the world. This shows continuity in the carried on innovation of the century.
  • Handheld Calculator

    Integrating the many inventions that had been created in the last few decades, texas instruments created a hand held calculator, with which one could carry out moderately complicated mathematical problems and receive a fairly accurate answer. This was a continuity.
  • Computer Advances

    Two things happened in '68. One was that the first computer was made with integrated circuits, which allowed it to be somewhat faster, a lot smaller, and more powerful. The second was the integration of RAM (Random Access Memory) into the computer. RAM allows computers to carry out complex actions extremely quick and is still very useful in today's computers. This was a continuity.
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    Cellphone Innovations

    During this time, there were so many innovations to the invention of the cellular phone, that it would be very hard to get each down, so here is an overview. The cell phone was invented first in 1978 though not fully developed, then in the late '80s, humans gained a deeper understanding of cell waves and we were able to harness them to make the phones cordless, innovations continued into the nineties and beyond as people know. This was a change because it was unique from the radio and computer.
  • 1984-85

    During 1984 and 1985, both the windows operating system and the macintosh operating system were released. These two programs soon led the market in sales for computers because they were the first, easy-to-use-for the ordinary person computers out there. They still do lead in sales for that same reason. This is a continuity because once more (as are all of these) technology is updating itself and becoming better.
  • Internet Comes

    Originally only a military communication network idea, the internet was released in 1990 and along with it came its protocals (HTTP) and the hypertext markup language to carve it into something good. This is continuity because it is just another improvement that makes communication easier.
  • Java Invented

    Now owned by oracle, one of the two major languages, on which a major percentage of applications are built, Java was released. This was one of the very first object oriented languages that was easier to learn for the ordinary person. This shows continuity by the continued innovation of communication devices especially computers.