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  • Motorized Movie Camera

    Motorized Movie Camera
    Motorized Movie Cameras replace hand cranked cameras.
  • Period: to

    Techno History

  • 1st Rocket Expirements

    1st Rocket Expirements
    Goddard begins to expirement with rockets.
  • Colour Movies

    Colour Movies
    Walt Disney invent colour movies, which were also called technicolour.
  • Steam Boat Willie

    Steam Boat Willie
    Steam Boat Willie was the first animated cartoon.
  • Television

    Speakers - these provide noise.
    Light Transmitter - these machines shoot rays of light onto the t.v.
    Reciver - antenna/cable box these pick up the signal.
  • Atomic Bomb

    Atomic Bomb
    During World War II, the United States, with the assistance (collaboration) of physicists, mathematicians, and engineers from the U.S., Britain, Canada and Germany (former Nazi physicists), completed the Manhattan Project to produce the first atomic bomb.
    (The project started as the "Manhattan District Engineers" and only became "The Manhattan Project" some time later).
  • ENIAC Invention

    ENIAC Invention
    Was the first general-purpose electronic computer. It was a Turing-complete digital computer capable of being reprogrammed to solve a full range of computing problems.
  • Space Race

    Space Race
    Between U.S.S.R/Soviets and the U.S.A.
  • NASA

    NASA was firstly founded to observe and find out more about earth from outer space.
  • Man On The Moon

    Man On The Moon
    Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin flew to the moon on the Apollo 11 mission.
  • Floppy Disks

    Floppy Disks
    A floppy disk is a disk storage medium composed of a disk of thin and flexible magnetic storage medium, sealed in a rectangular plastic carrier lined with fabric that removes dust particles. They are read and written by a floppy disk drive (FDD)
  • Pacman

    Pacman is an arcade game developed by Namco.
  • Apple Computer Company

    Apple Computer Company
    The Apple computer company is founded by two brothers.
  • IBM's First PC Computers

    IBM's First PC Computers
    IBM produce PC computers.
  • Windows 1.0

    Windows 1.0
    The first computer that runs windows.
  • First Internet Domain Names

    First Internet Domain Names
    First web adress (www)
  • Super Computer Beats World Chess Champ

    Super Computer Beats World Chess Champ
    The super computer called Deeper Blue beat the current world chess champion.
  • Cloning Machine Clones Sheep

    Cloning Machine Clones Sheep
    A cloning machine clones a sheep called Dolly. The cloning was a test done to see if it could save a speices.
  • The First Apple IPod

    The First Apple IPod
    Apple brings out their first portable music player.
  • YouTube

    YouTube comes out on the internet.
  • IPhone 4S Comes Out

    IPhone 4S Comes Out
    Apple produce the most advanced IPhone yet .. because of ios 5.1 and it is also very light.