Syria Timeline

By RafaelB
  • End of Ottoman Rule

    Arab troops led by Emir Feisal take Damascus, ending 400 years of Ottoman rule.
  • Elections

    Elections for the first Syrian National Congress. Included are delegates from Palestine.
  • The Kingdom

    The National Congress declares Emir Feisal king of Syria
  • French Control

    Syria and Lebanon are put under French control and Palestine under British rule.
  • The French Greater Lebanon

    France declare Greater Lebanon as a new state, which includes Syria
  • Period: to


    Nationalism ferments into an uprising against the French.
  • Elections #2

    A new constituent assembly is elected and a constitution is drafted. The French reject the proposal, causing further unrest.
  • Syria Gains Partial Independance

    France grants partial autonomy, but maintains military and economic dominance.
  • WW2 Arrives

    Syria falls under the control of the Axis Powers.
  • Syria 'Saved'

    French and British troops occupy Syria, De Gaulle promises to end the French mandate.
  • French Withdrawel

    Last of the French troops leave Syria
  • Baath Party Founded

    Arab Socialist Baath Party founded
  • Period: to

    Various Wars & Border conflicts between Israel & Syria

    1948: Israel gained independence & Arab countries (including Syria) attacked 1967: The Six-Day War, Israel vs. Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Israel wins & takes land from defeated countries 1973: The Yom-Kippur War, Egypt & Syria attack Israel (not successful)
  • Formation of United Arab Republic (UAR)

    Alliance between Egypt & Syria
  • Fall of UAR

  • March Revolution

    Coup in which the Baath Party came to power
  • Syria Assists Lebanon

    Syrian troops are sent into Lebanon to help with their civil war
  • Hama Massacre

    Hafez al-Assad sends troops in the city of Hama, destroying the city, killing over 10,000 people.
  • The Death of Hafez al-Assad

    When Hafez al-Assad died, his son Barshad al-Assad became president.
  • Period: to

    Civil War

  • Security Forces Attack the City of Daraa

    When many families' children and family members were taken by the secret police, families marched onto the governer's house in hopes of releasing their family members. Security forces fired on the families and prevented ambulances from taking the wounded to hospitals. So, the wounded were put in the Omari Mosque.
  • 5 week Uprising

    100 citizens were killed, the Syrian government attacked people at funerals and killed atleast 9 people
  • Attack on the Omari Mosque

    Security forces in Syria storm the Omari Mosque, where the wounded were being held. 5 people were killed.
  • Citizens Burn Baath Party Offices

  • Syria Suspended From the Arab League

    Due to their inability to stop all the of the bloodshed and government crackdowns, Syria has been kicked out of the Arab League.
  • A Dozen Countries Vote Against Genral Assembly Resolution to Remove Assad from Power

    Some of these countries: Russia, China, Iran, North Korea. All of these countries support the Syrian government, especially Russia, who sends them a lot of weapons, food, medical supplies, etc.