• Period: to


  • Syria Conquered By Egypt

  • Suez Canal Effects Economic Importance

    The opening of the Suez Canal leads to a decline is Syrai's economic importance .
  • Geographic Changes

    Syria is divided into three autonomous regions by the French, with separate areas for the Alawis on the coast and the Druze in the south.
  • Syria Gained Independence

  • Military Regime

    Republic unter military regime sense March 1963
  • Arab-Israeli War

    Israel quickly vanquished the Syrian army. Before acceding to the UN cease-fire, the Israeli forces took control of the fortified Golan Heights.
  • Constitution

    Amended is February 2012
  • Civil War in Lebanon

    Syria sent some 20,000 troops to support Muslim Lebanese in their armed conflict with Christian militants supported by Israel during the civil war in Lebanon
  • Economic Shift

    The country's economic climate had shifted from prosperity to austerity.
  • Bashar al-Assad

    Bashar al-Assad becomes president . 2000-present
  • New Presedential Decisions

    The new President Assad orders the release of 600 political prisoners.
  • Bombing in Israel

    The US accuses North Korea of having helped Syria to build a secret nuclear reactor at the site bombed by Israel in 2007.
  • Presidential Conflict

    US President Barack Obama and allies call on President Assad to step down.
  • Economic Weakness

    Syria's economic freedom score is 51.2, makking the 139th freest economy in the 2012 index. Syria's economy remians hobbled by state bureaucracy, high unemployment, falling oil production, rising budget defi­cits, and inflation.
  • Slaughtering In Syria

    108 people, mostly women and children, have been slaughtered sense May 28th 2012 .