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Sydney's life

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    Sydney's Life and Memories

  • Newark, Ohio

    Newark, Ohio
    This is me in Ohio as a baby
  • Atlanta, Georgia

    Atlanta, Georgia
    This is me and my Aunt Cindy watching my cousin's softball game in Atlanta, Georgia with twilers in my mouth
  • Memphis, Tennessee

    Memphis, Tennessee
    This me at my big brother's socoer tournament in 2009
  • Skaneateles, New York

    Skaneateles, New York
    Me and dad fishing at night time at the Skaneateles New York
  • Tampa, Florida

    Tampa, Florida
    This is me at the beach in Florida with a big wave coming up behind me
  • Stratton,Colorado

    this me riding horses at my grandparntes farm. I'm riding Albrto
  • Windsor, Colorado

    Windsor, Colorado
    This is me sledding in Greeley on cheaf hill